Episode 1: Genesis, page 6Mature

Billy was getting fidgety. Here he was, sharing lunch with a very cute girl, something he thought he could only dream of. Now he had to think of something to say, but he felt like his brain had BSODed on him.

“So,” she said, “how come we've never met before?”

“Oh, well,” he said shyly, “I don't think we're in the same clubs, you know... you're in the basketball team, and running for president and all, and me, well I'm in the comics club and computer club...”

“Oh, a comics geek! You're not one of those guys who dress up for conventions and all?”

He giggled. “No, I'm not that far into it.”

“I got to admit I don't know much about comics. Apart from The Dark Knight Rises, which was pretty cool, even if the story was quite a mess. Oh, and Arrow, do you watch Arrow?”

“Wait, you watch this show too?”

“Of course! Stephen Amell's so hot with these abs...”

“Okay, I see,” he smiled mockingly.


“Nothing, just... of course you're watching because they cast a good looking guy and made him do lots of topless scenes...”

“I dare you to tell me guys only watch for the plot. Look at Felicity Smoak's skirts, of Black Canary's cleavage, you think it was all innocent?”

“Err... okay, you have a point I guess.”

They laughed together, but their good time was cut short by the apparition of one blond bully.

“Isn't that cute,” Cass said while lighting a cigarette. “Young couple having lunch together...”

“We're not a couple!” Sally retorted, indignant. “And you, what are you doing here?”

“Always come here to smoke, nobody's coming here to check out. By the way, you got my chemistry, Brewster?”

“Sure,” he mumbled somberly as he handed her the papers.

“Great! You just earned yourself another week to live.”

“Why don't you do your own work, for a change?” Sally asked defiantly. “Instead of being the dumb bitch everyone hates?”

“Sally, I'm getting real tired of you sticking your nose in my business. So if you don't want to have your head rammed in an unflushed toilet, I suggest you mind your own business. What's all that fuss with Tommy DaSilva about, by the way?”

“Do you really care about it?”

“Actually, no. Yuppies dealing with Yuppie problems, I couldn't care less.”

“Okay, so... piss off?”

The bully gave her a funny smile, the kind that seemed to say: “You'll pay for it soon,” then she crushed her cigarette butt and left. They didn't feel quite in the mood to talk about Arrow again, and they finished their lunch quickly.

When the afternoon classes were over, the freshmen who had to take the bus gathered at the bus stop, leering with envy at the seniors who had the privilege to drive their own cars. Sally was on her way to the bus stop, when suddenly, as she walked by a dumpster, she felt someone grab her arm and violently drag her behind the bin. She gasped, dropped her books in her struggle to free herself from that unknown attacker, but she was quickly overpowered and the attacker soon had her head pinned against the hard cold metal of the bin, her arm twisted behind her back, radiating with a dull pain that made her growl.

 “So I'm a dumb bitch, right?” Cass said, triumphant. “How could you think you could talk to me like that?”

 “Cass!” Sally cried. “Okay, I'm sorry, I was mad, just please let go, you're hurting me!”

 “You know what?” The bully gloated. “I'm running out of cash for cigarettes. Sure a Yuppie like you could give me a few bucks, right? Right?” She twisted her arm even harder, and Sally let out a high pitched yell, and to her greatest shame, she felt tears bath her cheeks.

 “Okay! Okay, anything, just please let me go!”

 “Your phone, too!”

 “Okay, I'll give you all I've got, just please, it hurts!”

 She released her, and poor Sally had no choice but to give her everything she wanted. By the time her friends, alarmed by her sobbing, found her, Cass was already far gone.

The End

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