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She found him by his locker, laughing with his group of friends, all wearing the jackets of the football team. The way they laughed, one of them must have told another of those stupid jokes about a girl's butt.

“We need to talk,” she told him sternly, and then gave his friends a nasty look: “Alone.”

He complied and asked his friends to go wait for him on the field. “I don't have much time,” he said to her, “we have training in ten minutes.” He wasn't worried the least. On the contrary, he had that stupid, self-important smile that raked her nerves. Tommy DaSilva was quarterback of the football team: he was broad-shouldered, handsome, confident, he had lots of friends, all the girls were at his feet, and he had rich parents. Tommy was a kid who had never had a single problem in his life, and his confidence was one of the things that had attracted Sally in the first place... before it became the thing she hated the most about him.

“What did you tell them?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” he replied, not losing that stupid smile of his.

“Haven't heard of what happened yesterday in the auditorium? Your buddies said they wanted to make a contribution to my hole. Very poetic, right? So, where did that come from?”

“Okay, okay... I'll tell them to stop this, but... thing is... you remember that party at my place, this summer?”

“I'd rather forget it, but yeah I remember.”

“Well I may have... taken some liberties with the truth... I mean...”

Her mouth opened agap with horror. “You did what?”

“Sal, please, you need to understand it wouldn't do my reputation any good if everyone knew I... well, you...”

“What about my reputation, you selfish bastard? You're making me look like a whore!”

“Oh come on, babe, don't take it so badly... think about it, everyone thinks you had a great time with the most popular guy in school, on the contrary, it will be good for your reputation-”

Her arm swung at the speed of sound, and her palm met his cheek like the crack of a whip. “You're a filthy pig, Tommy DaSilva! Now you're telling everyone the truth, or I'll make you!”

“Babe, you know I can't, for my rep-”

“And I'm not your babe!”

She turned round in rage and bumped into someone. Cass. She was just standing still, her arms crossed. Sally's rage chilled the instant she saw her eyes, for it was one of the most evil glares she had ever seen. What was she doing here? Had she heard the whole thing? She wasn't moving, and not saying a word. Sally walked past her and away.

When the bell rang for lunch break, Sally walked out of maths class and looked for the boy from yesterday. She found him and hurried to join him.

“Hey,” she said, “you're the boy from yesterday. William, right?”

He smiled at her, visibly happy she remembered his name. “Yeah, but you can call me Billy.”

“Okay, Billy. Can I ask you a favor? I guess you know what's going on with me right now, and with everyone looking at me and stuff, I don't feel like eating at the cafeteria. I'd like to find someplace quiet, but I could use some company... would you join me?”

“Why, sure,” he stammered uneasily, surprised by her request. “But what about your friends?”

“Oh they're nice and all, but even if they try to help, they just can't stop talking about it, you know. I just want to kick back for lunch. And, well, you were pretty nice yesterday, so I thought...”

He obliged without further hesitation, and soon the two of them were sitting in a quiet spot behind the gym, away from everyone else.

The End

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