Episode 1: Genesis, page 3Mature

Sally had a bad case of the jitters as she walked up on stage, her speech ready in her hand. She braced herself, and whispered in the microphone: “Check, check, one, two?” She could hear her voice echo in the hall. Good, everything was working. She could see some people giggling silently. Okay, she got their attention with a little humor, that was good. But... oh, God, the auditorium was packed! No, no, don't be impressed, just take a deep breath, and jump right in:

“Hello everyone! I'm Sally and I'm running for freshman class president! Some of you know me, I guess, for those who don't, well, I'm Sally! I'm a kind and outgoing person, and-”

“You betcha!”

She paused, looked around nervously. That was a pretty loud, male voice that interrupted her. She couldn't see who that came from. Easy girl, that's nothing, just an overenthusiastic supporter. She went on:

“Sorry about that. Anyway, I love to talk and meet new people. Okay let's get to why I'm running and why you should elect me. I'm running for president because I love to see people working together, hand in hand to get things done. I love leaving school everyday knowing I've made a positive impact on the student body. You should elect me because I am a good leader and I am currently captain of the basketball team, so I have experience.”

“Experience on the student body!”

She startled, this time it was shouted in a loud, obnoxious tone that racked her nerves. She looked around, following the sounds of laughter, and finally found it came from a group of football jocks sitting in a corner, high-fiving.

“Excuse me guys,” she said in their direction, struggling to remain calm. “I'd like to finish my speech. Thank you. Okay, so... yes, I know the commitments involved, and I know how precious lunch breaks and weekends are to all of us, and I'm willing to sacrifice mines because I know that time will be spent getting things done. Another reason you should elect me is because I know how to interact with people and I know how to use people's talents in a way that allows them to make a contribution to the group as a whole.”

“Oh yeah, I'd love to contribute, Sally!”

Another one from those jocks! This time she lost it and yelled: “What the hell, guys?” But this made them laugh even more, and they started mockingly cheering her, shouting “Sally! Sally!”

Soon, a large part of the students were shouting along, and the hall turned into a deafening mess. She couldn't believe it! What a nightmare! She could never finish her speech now, and she didn't even know what was going on! Desperate, she felt the tears coming up, and she hurried backstage to let them out. Her friends Mina and Christie soon rejoined her.

“Hey, Sally, are you okay?” Christie asked, concerned.

“Do I look like I'm okay?” she cried out, in tears. “My speech is ruined! What happened in there?”

“I don't know, it's like-”

“Sally?” Miranda called as she entered the room. “Oh my God, what happened-”

“You!” Sally yelled at her. “You did this, didn't you! I don't know what you told them-”

“Wait, wait! No I didn't do anything, I swear!”

“Really? And who else would've wanted to ruin my speech so bad, if not my rival candidate? So, what did you tell those jocks?”

“Nothing, I swear!”

“And you won't even admit it, how courageous of you! I have enough, I'm outta here!”

The End

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