Episode 1: GenesisMature

What started as a simple case of high school harassment took unexpected proportions when the same black-clad man was spotted preventing crimes all over the city. For Sally, there was no doubt there was a vigilante in town, and she was determined to find out who he was.

Episode 1: Genesis

She was hot. Panting. Her legs strained from so much effort. This was not over yet. One last effort, the bell would ring very soon, they would score now, or they would lose.

"Pass!" She shouted at her teammate.

The girl running and dribbling a few feet from her obeyed, and Sally caught the ball and passed it to Deana, who was standing ready right next to the loop. Deana caught the ball, jumped up, and shot. Alice, from the rival team, sprang up at that very moment and grabbed the ball before it reached the hoop. Oh, no! Sally sped up, gathering all her strengths, and as Alice was about to shoot, she leaped forward, caught the ball, and threw it in Patty's direction. The girls from the rival team surrounded Patty, trying to take the ball from her, but she was one of the best members of Sally's team, tall, lean, and fast as a shark. She dodged all her opponents with ballet-like grace, dribbling the ball between her legs as if she had done this all her life, and threw it at Hannah, who was right in front of the hoop. The girl shot. Sally watched with anxiety as the ball seemed to move through the air in slow motion. Last chance. The ball bounced on the hoop. Bounced on the backboard. And fell right in the basket. Score!

She let out an exclamation of joy as the bell rung, marking the end of the match. She was soon echoed by all her teammates, as the girls of the rival team, being good sport, congratulated them on their victory.

“Geez,” Alice said, catching her breath, her brow glistening with sweat. “You really take this seriously, Sally, even if it's just training!”

“Can't help,” the girl answered, smiling, in the same breathless state. “But at least, we'll be ready when there's a real match!”

“Sure... anyway, that was a great match, captain!” And the girls gave each others a hug.

“You coming to my speech, at four?” Sally asked.

“Of course, I wouldn't miss it!”

“Great! Have to take a shower and prepare. See you later, then!”

 Sally was confident in her success, running for class president. Not out of vanity, or a quest for popularity or anything, she was running for the role because it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world for her. The thing was that, everyone liked Sally Lomax. Even though the year had started for barely a few weeks, and her freshman class was composed of students from several different middle schools, her outgoing and lively attitude, as well as her kindness, had won over practically everyone, and she became a popular girl without really trying. She became captain of the girls basketball team in no time, and now she was running for class president. Her supporters told her she would win for sure when her opponent was revealed to be Miranda Parker, a girl as popular as Sally, and whom she couldn't stand. But Miranda was a Queen Bee, a condescending princess who spent her days with her posse deciding who's in or out. She would get lots of votes for sure, but Sally could count on the votes of the maths club and chess club kids, for she had always been kind to them. And, unlike Miranda, she wasn't looking for glory, she really wanted to help. That was how she had always been.


The End

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