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Dunno - let's see what happens........

Billy Jackson was running. Fast.

Out of breath and bathed in sweat he pelted along the street his shadow dancing around him as he passed street lights.  Jacket flapping about him he fled on barely registering the weight of the gun in his right hand.

Behind in the darkness came the ululating wail of a siren seemingly getting closer before fading away again. Distant shouts also echoed along the street spurring Billy forward.

Rounding a corner he skidded slightly and stumbled almost falling into the road. A passing taxi swerved and the driver gesticulated before driving on. 

Billy paused and looked around; the store-fronts here were boarded up, some with metal shutters. There was an air of decay and desperation even at this time of night. Somewhere close by a woman screamed and several dogs began to bark. 

Billy didn't here the engine until it was almost on top of him and as he half turned he was bathed in light from a spotlight. As he shielded his eyes a harsh male voice shouted "Armed police, drop the weapon and stand still!"

Billy flinched backwards and dived to his right into a shop doorway. The voice came again "Armed police! Final warning, drop the weapon!"

Sweat stinging his eyes and chest heaving  Billy knelt down and using the edge of the doorway for cover he raised his gun in both hands and squeezed the trigger at the same time as the voice shouted something indistinct.

The flash and bang further disorientated him and he briefly wondered why he could see more flashes behind the spotlight. He kept on pulling the trigger till it clicked a couple of times and he realised there were no more bullets.

Standing up he walked forward and out of the spotlight. He looked towards the vehicle and saw a body on the floor behind the drivers' side door. A pair of feet further back suggested another body behind the trunk of the car. 

Billy sighed deeply and looked down. He was surprised to see three scorch marks on his t shirt and a small amount of blood. It seemed he had been shot at least three times, yet he felt no pain and when he moved on he did so freely. 

Billy set off again up the street now aware of more sirens and the distant drumming sound of what could only be a helicopter heading his way. Lights had clicked on in various buildings around him and he felt eyes on him.

Starting to run again he considered what he had just done and reflected that this was a heck of a way to celebrate his twelfth birthday.

The End

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