Strangers At NightMature

I woke up and stared at my clock 11:56pm. I sighed and started to get up, I listened hard and could hear my mum downstairs, and I plodded to the upstairs bathroom. The light was still on and I sighed again. My mum sometimes leaves the bathroom light on then blames me for it, one thing in a long list of stuff she blames me for. I opened the bathroom door and started laughing; James was in there having a shower. He turned around and shouted “FUCKING HELL MINA GET OUT!” I giggled again, shut the door and hurried back to my bedroom. James is my mum Emily’s boyfriend of 4 years and the farther of my half sister Charlotte. How was I supposed to know he was staying here tonight, mum never told me about it. I could still hear my mum clattering about downstairs and decided to go and explain it to her before James did, no doubt he would make it sound like it was my fault according to those two everything is. I changed into some sweatpants and a T-shirt and made my way downstairs. I stood outside the living room deciding whether I should leave it to James to tell her when I chickened out and ran back through the hall and upstairs into my bedroom. I took my favourite book off the shelf and started reading.

I love to read, I read every day and I am always buying more books. I love to get lost in the characters and their world and all the impossible things that happen there. I was in the middle of the third chapter when I heard James go down stairs and five minutes later I heard the elephant-like footsteps of my mum coming upstairs. I heard her pause outside my door for a few seconds then nock. I folded the corner of my already ruined book (I’ve read it far too many times and the pages are full of doodles), I walked to the door and opened it and the first thing my mum said was “did you go into the bathroom while your dad was having a shower on purpose to play a joke on him?” I knew she would say this, I knew it would be my fault. when I said nothing she carried on “ your little jokes and snarky comments are not funny now go and apologise to your dad “I could feel my temper building and I finally let it out

“For fuck sake mum he isn’t my dad and I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t know he was here. I heard you downstairs and I know you sometimes leave the light on in the bathroom so I went in because I needed the toilet and when I saw James he shouted at me and I shut the door!”

“Do not swear at me Mina and how can you say he is not your dad, he does a better job than your real one”


“Don’t shout at me, now go and apologise to James”

“Fine “I grumbled and made my way downstairs once again

“And apologise properly,I’ll be checking with him later to make sure you have “

“Whatever “I shouted back. I walked down the rest of the stairs and into the living room, thankfully James was fully dressed in his pyjamas

“James” he turned his head to look at me


“If you don’t want anyone walking in on you then use your own shower in your own home, okay?”I turned around and walked out leaving James red in the face. I walked upstairs and into my bedroom and flopped onto my bed. I had just picked up my book again when James opened my bedroom door.

 I can see why my mum likes him; he looks good for a thirty five year old. He has sandy blond hair shaved to a NO3 and he has hazel brown eyes (like my mum) and he is over 6.6ft,but she can’t see that he only wants her because she has a lot of money. She is 10 years older and she has grey hair, they have nothing in common and now they have a baby together (I hoped my mum was too old to get pregnant)

“Mina stop being so cheeky towards me what have I ever done to you, you can stay in here all day tomorrow and your mum won’t buy you any more books for the rest of the holiday” I stood up and walked up to him

“firstly get out of my room, secondly don’t tell me what to do and thirdly I don’t need my mum to buy me books, you both said this last time but I still ended up with more books didn’t I” I pushed him out of my room “don’t come in again unless you want me to tell everyone you’re a perv, I could have been getting changed “and with that I shut the door in his face. I know what will happen next, my mum will come and tell me how rude I have been and she will take me to James and watch me apologise then moan at me for a couple of days .I waited until I heard them both snoring in their sleep until I ventured downstairs .Strange, I thought my mum normally comes and shouts at me if I’ve argued with James oh well maybe I will get away scott free for once. I went straight for the cupboard in the kitchen and grabbed two bags of crisps, a packet of cookies and a cola from the fridge and went into the basement. Our basement is massive and it is my space, it has my laptop and loads of shelves of my books and all my art supplies, James tried to argue that it’s not fair that I have the basement all to myself and I said to him that if he touches anything in the basement or even goes in, I will knock him out. He just laughed at me but he left the subject alone.

I walked down the steps and switched the light on and headed straight to my laptop at the far corner of the room. The room is pure white with black patterns on two of the walls and a black carpet. I switched my laptop on and started eating some of my crisps while it loaded. I connected to the internet and went straight onto Amazon. I started adding any books that sounded remotely interesting and I ended up with 24 books, sighing contently with myself I pressed the little button that confirms my order and went to my book cases to make space for them. I order a lot of books off Amazon with my mum’s card  without her knowledge, my mum once left her bag on the sofa while she was in the bath so I took out her card and wrote all the information down. Smiling at the memory I sat down in the corner and started reading.

I heard a loud thump that brought me out of the world of supernatural beings I was reading about. I heard another thump and a low mumble that singled a male voice, I looked at my watch it was 5am. Ii silently put the book down and crept up the cellar steps and turns out the light. I opened the cellar door and saw two pale white figures near the window and I suddenly realised what I had to do. My mum keeps her toolbox at the bottom of the stairs; I felt my way down to it in the dark, opened it and got a screwdriver out. I ran up the stairs and threw open the door. Both men turned and looked at me, now I was closer I could see them better, they were both young, very pale and wearing black jeans and trainers. One wore a black turtle neck jumper and one wore a navy blue jumper. The one in the black turtle neck ran towards me growling, I punched him in the nose and as he staggered back I kicked him in the stomach.He sprawled onto the ground and I plunged the screwdriver into his heart.Gasping I looked up at the second guy, he was slowly walking toward me.

Now that I was looking closer he looked about 17 only two years older than me and the man on the ground looked about the same age as him. The second guy was stood on the other side of the body shaking his head, he looked up at me smiled and said “sorry about that I told Jay we should talk to you instead of just grabbing you” I just stared at him paralysed “ you are Mina aren’t you?”

He held his hand out for me to shake it and the blackness overwhelmed me and the last thing I remember is coldness all around me

The End

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