The street was loud and bustling with traffic of all kinds. Cars lined up in the streets and moved in swift jerks; starting and stopping every few minutes. The sidewalks crawled with pedestrians, an endless stream of faces, anonymous to each other, brushing past one another; the closest they'd ever come to that person.

Jessica exited the flower shop, her shift having lasted twenty minutes longer because of a late employee. She wrapped the scarf around her neck and stuffed her hands in her jacket pockets. She brought her shoulders as close to her neck as possible to shield it from the cold. She was eager to get home, her feet were sore from standing all day, and a few of her favorite shows were playing in the evening.

She walked down the street, nudging into a few people in the crowded sidewalks of the city. She always wondered if they felt her, when she accidentally bumped in to them. The thought expanded, and grew into something it probably shouldn't have, fed from her overactive imagination. It branched off and she soon found herself wondering if anyone had ever ran into her on purpose, to feel her, to touch her. She knew she was an attractive girl, and at her age of twenty five it wasn't like she was not getting attention at the pubs and dance clubs. Nevertheless, this musing was different. It aroused her to think that a stranger would make an effort to touch her.

The logical half of her mind dismissed the idea completely, calling her a pervert and a slut. She disengaged from it, knowing well that the thought was a simple fantasy, any man involved in it was unnaturally handsome and could have swept her off her feet in one simple sentence. Still she yearned for someone to touch her as she stood at the street corner, waiting for the light to let her walk.

Someone nudged her from behind, a slight pressure at her back. She let her imagination wander. From her minds eye, a tall man with a dark complection pressed his palm against the small of her back. She almost whimpered erotically at the thought but caught the sound before it manifested itself. It became a hard swallow of anticipation instead as the scenario continued to unfold in her mind. He leaned forward and his breath could be felt at the back of her ear, her hair got matted into his angular stubbled jawline.

Her eyes were half closed when the crowd surged forward, and she was forced to abandon the fantasy at the edge of the sidewalk. Out of curiosity though, she couldn't help but turn back and glance at the person that had nudged her.

Her eyes widened and she quickly turned to face her front. Behind her walked a man not far from the image she had created in her mind. Awkwardly they had made eye contact when she spun around to eye him up. Anxiety clawed at her as she walked on. What if he noticed her reaction to his touch? What if he was some kind of psychopath? What if, what if, what if!

Still, the uncanny resemblance to her fantasy shocked her, and her curiosity forced her to take another look. She would be coy about it this time though, and reserved her glance to a moment later when she climbed the stairs to the transit platform. As she reached the top and turned around the railing to climb the next set of stairs she eyed him once again.

 His eyes were a pale blue, but his hair was short and black and he sported a tan, maybe he was foreign? The thought of it excited her even more. She couldn't help but smile as she watched him climb the stairs.

At that moment he looked up and once again they made eye contact. To her surprise, he smiled as well, and her anxiety once again jumped into her throat in the form of a solid lump.

She waited on the platform, trying not to be obvious as she leaned forward periodically to keep track of where he had gone. The monorail was on its way, and soon she'd be separated from the boy. It bothered her that perhaps he was the best thing that could happen to her, but she would probably never see him again.

She reluctantly boarded the train and made her way home.

The soap operas of the evening were a dull faded sensation compared to the excitement of her trip home, and she found herself not able to keep track of the program.

She continued to fantasize about him throughout the night, holding her pillow between her thighs, pushing it against herself until ecstasy caused her whole body to shake. It was a fruitless experience, it quenched the needs of the body, but her mind was still thirsty for him.

The next day found her misplacing the moments of the previous evening until the time came for her shift to end. As she left the shop she bumped quite hard into a stranger. A chinese woman that she hadn't seen, perhaps due the woman's five foot stature.

The moment flared her memory of the man and she couldn't help but feel excitement rush into her body. A blush came to her cheeks as she continued to walk, after profusely apologizing to the short woman.

At the corner, she stopped, hoping that perhaps just out of sheer chance, he would push up against her again. The thought was ludicrous. She had been late the day before, and even if she was standing at the exact same place in the exact same time; the city bore millions. The chances were astronomically small. She walked on, slightly disappointed, but reassured by the fact that it was all just a fantasy to begin with.

She climbed the stairs to the platform and paused at the moment she had made eye contact with him the day before. A yearning that defied all expectation swelled in her chest. She attempted to ignore it and walked on.

At the train platform she waited, not even searching anymore for the mysterious stranger that had aroused her every sense. She climbed aboard and latched on to a ceiling grip as there were no seats available.

After two stops, the train was beginning to fill, and she found herself squeezed between strangers, but her mind was occupied, fixed on the boy. She drew no pleasure from the proximity of these strangers, not like from him.

Another stop, and more people boarded. It was then that she noticed him. He had gotten on from the door nearest her and scanned quickly for a place to secure himself.

She moved to give him a small amount of space, pushing against someone else in the process.

It worked, and he filled the small space she had made, grasping the same handle she was using.

Her face filled with blood, she was glad her scarf hid most of it. He was only an inch or so away, and with the shudder of the train car bouncing on the rails they collided. 

She held him, briefly, her arm around his waist, but relinquished it as soon as the turbulence had subsided. Her arousal was palpable, what where the chances that she'd see him again? Let alone be this close. She looked up at him as the train car continued to rock, and he looked down to her, a friendly smile on his face.

She was mesmerized by his kaleidoscope eyes for a short moment before realizing she had been staring at him. The train turned a corner and she was forced into his chest. Her eyes closed as his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

Time froze for a moment. She exhaled slowly as she felt the beating of his heart through his jacket. How perfect the moment was. In an instant, however it was over.

He pulled the lever for the next stop and her heart sunk.

Before he got off, he looked at her and smiled again.

That was it, it was all she needed. She wouldn't be idle, she wouldn't take the chance at losing him once again and with every ounce of courage in her spirit she stepped off the train after him.

The platform was alien to her, a southern part of the city she hadn't been in since she was a little girl. Nevertheless, she was determined to at least get his name.

She followed him as he made his way down the stairs of the platform to street level.

"Wait!" She screamed, her arm up.

He turned, unaware that the cry was for him. Still, he recognized her and stopped, a slightly confused look on his face.

Jessica froze, the reality of the situation becoming frightening to her.

"Yes?" He asked, his voice was low and crisp. Part of her melted when she heard it."Is there something I can do for you?" He asked.

God you have no idea. She thought, "Well." she said, stammering to find the words. "I'm sorry. I'm shy."

He smiled. "I'm Eric." He said, walking up to her with an extended hand.

"Heh." She laughed, "My name isn't Shy." she said, awkwardly.

"I know." Eric replied, softly.

"I'm Jessica." She said, shaking his hand. The grip was firm, she couldn't get the thought of touching him off her mind.

"So, what can I help you with?"

The words she thought to say were inappropriate at even a brothel's level of etiquette. "I just, wanted to know your name." She said, recoiling slightly from the awkward situation.

"Well.." He thought. "Maybe I could get your number in return?" He asked, pulling out a pen and paper.

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea." She said, "It's five four five, sixty seven eighty two."

""Area code?"

"Oh sorry, six one six." she said, teetering on her toes with excitement.

He smiled, "I'll give you a call." He said, turning slowly without losing eye contact.

"Wait." She said, anticipation pouring from her.

"Heh." he laughed, stopping and turning around again.

"I'm not quite sure I want you to leave just yet." She said, some form of courage boasting itself in her thoughts.

"Sorry?" He asked, confusedly.

"Is there a pub, or a coffee shop or something around here?" She asked, looking around as if it were to fall at her feet.

He smiled, his face was actually starting to hurt from it. "Yeah there is, follow me."

They made their way to a café on an adjacent street corner, where for a half hour they talked about those cliché things that strangers talk about. Their jobs, their hobbies, which books they like to read, which t.v. shows they're interested in. Although she enjoyed the conversation, she couldn't help but feel as though it was going nowhere. She felt an urge to simply tell him the truth. The lust driven truth. That strange courage that brought her to this place pumped into her once more and she took an awkward silence to advantage.

"Well." she said. "I don't want to sound completely insane, but I sort of dreamed of you recently." She said, blushing.

He raised his eyebrows, "Did you now?"

"Do you remember bumping in to me on the sidewalk yesterday?" She asked.

His expression softened. She knew he was contemplating on whether or not he should lie.

"Yes I do. You were at the lights on the corner of Brussels and Ivory."

"That's right." She said, glad to hear he remembered. "I wanted to know..." She said, shyly, moving a lock of her hair behind her ear.

"Know what?" He inquired.

"Did you make on purpose?"

It was his turn to blush, and she hadn't thought it possible to discern it through his dark skin.

He laughed nervously. "Well..." He smiled. "I guess my body language tells that one." He said.

She let her head slide to the side. "I'd still like to hear it."

He looked at his coffee, "Yes I did." He said, still glancing into the dark liquid. He looked up at her. "I'll be honest then." He said, "Since we're going this route." He sat up a little straighter. "I first saw you a week from today, you were working at the flower shop when a friend of mine stopped in to get some roses for his wife. You hadn't noticed me, you were busy I suppose."

"I must have been terribly busy to not notice you." She interjected.

He smiled. "I've been timing my days to try and see you when you left work, but I missed you often. Your shifts are apparently a little random. Ugh.." He sighed. "I should probably stop talking before you run out of here." He said, "I don't want to scare you away."

She leaned over the table, and in one quick motion, wrapped her hand around the back of his neck and pulled his lips into hers. He let off a muffled sound of confusion before falling silent as her tongue slid into his mouth.

There was a short pause, where he moved away from her. 

"What?" She asked shyly as he looked into her eyes.

"I just wanted to look at you." He said, before moving in to kiss her again.

She backed away, "Let's get out of here." she said, picking up her purse and dropping some change on the table.

"To where?" He asked.

She turned, already half way near the door. "Anywhere." she said, smiling.

They walked out of the café and moved into the damp cold night. She latched on to him as they walked, talking still about the day he had touched her on the corner. "You have no idea what that did to me." She said, as they turned a corner.

He stopped her and pushed her gently against the wall, kissing her again.

The warmth of his body was accentuated by the cool breeze. She relished in the moment, biting him primaly on the shoulder she had made bare by pulling his collar away.

He picked her up, holding her closely as they walked up a small concrete staircase. His hand fiddled in his pocket as they continued to kiss.

"Mmph" He uttered, "Keys." he finally said between the bombardment of kisses. He dropped her gently to her feet, continuing to search his pocket. 

She pulled at his shirt, unbuttoning it as he stumbled with the keys, her impatience palpable.

By the time he had the door unlocked his jacket and shirt were falling off his shoulder. They stumbled into the darkness of the apartment, giggling. He looked over his shoulder and kicked the door shut, not letting her go for a moment.

By that time his shirt was already off and he was fiddling with hers.

"Why are woman's clothes so damn complicated." He said, jokingly as he pulled her shirt over her head.

She wrapped her arms around his and he lifted her once again onto his hips as he made his way further into the apartment.

"Right here." She said.

"What?" He asked, stopping in between the living room and a kitchenette.

She held his head only centimeters from hers. "I want you right here, not the couch, not the bed. Right here on the carpet."

"O.K." he replied, smiling. "I think I can manage -Hmmph." His words were cut short as she launched another flurry of kisses at him.

They crumpled to the floor, where he removed the rest of her clothing, kissing every inch of revealed flesh as it came. He made his way back up her thigh with his lips, stopping to pay extra attention to where she wanted him most.

"Oh god, where have you been?" She asked rhetorically as she arched her back and cocked her head to the rear. "Urgh!" She moaned uncontrollably. "Eric." She uttered between clenched teeth. "Come here." She whispered, pulling at his hair.

He raised his head and moved up her torso, sliding his tongue from her stomach, between her breasts and up the length of her throat until it rounded the curve of her chin and plunged into her mouth. At the same time he entered her, and she buckled, latching on to his shoulders with such force that her nails almost broke the skin.

His sweat rolled down his nose and broke into a free fall, landing against her chest as he moved against her body rhythmically.

She lost all control, holding him with immense force against herself; passionately relishing every single bead of sweat, every drop of saliva, every rush of sensation that coursed through her body as he moved against her, inside her. "Oh god!" She exclaimed as her whole body went into spasm. She sheltered her head in the nook of his neck as it happened, holding her breath unintentionally. With a sigh of relief she exhaled, his lips meeting hers before she could completely empty her lungs. 

He slowed, and then rested against her, panting.

"Wow." She uttered, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. "That was."

"Don't even say it." He said, climbing up to kiss her. "There isn't a word in the dictionary that could describe what that was."

She smiled, too exhausted to laugh.

"Oh, I don't care how cliché it sounds, it's the truth. You're amazing." He said, resting against her chest once again. "Would you mind if I just slept here? Am I uncomfortable on you?"

She smiled, "No, not at all." She said, closing her eyes.

He sighed a deep breath, holding her tightly. "Yeah, I think the bed 'll be more comfortable." He whispered.

She laughed. "I'm glad you said that."

He grunted as he got up. "Let's go."

They moved into the bedroom and he wrapped his arms around her, falling quickly into a sound sleep.

She was tired, and wanted to sleep, but the excitement of what had just happened kept her awake. She passed the moments through her mind again, they were blurred, filled with flesh and ecstasy. Almost unreadable in her memory from the sheer intensity of the moment. As she mused over it, she unknowingly fell into a deep, needed sleep.

The End

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