Lucid Lucia

Nixon was looking at Lucia with newfound interest. "Why would you want us to leave it on after all this trouble, Lucy?" he asked.

"Does it matter?" Lucia countered.

"Of course. You said you had a vision when Inhar breathed on you. What was happening? Did you really only hear them mumbling?"

"Yes, that's all I heard." Lucia answered evenly. 

"I don't believe you. You didn't trust the dragon, did you?" Nixon raised an eyebrow, his face like stone. "I can see it in your eyes. Since you're apparently lucid, can't you at least give us a clue?"

"What clue can I give?" Lucia smirked. "I'm an amnesic girl who doesn't know her own magical limits."

"Just like her parents." Soren remarked. "They would be happy to know you're safe, I imagine."

"I just want the seal left on." Lucia covered her shoulder with one hand, her eyes bright with tears. "I'm begging you, Guardian. Guard me like you're supposed to. I don't think breaking the seal is safe."

"I've been a part of bindbreakings before." Soren assured her. "You have nothing to fear. But how did you know I was guarding you?"

Nixon snapped his fingers. "I'll bet that you were-"

"Shut up, Nixon."

"No, I won't!" Nixon grabbed Lucia's wrist and pulled it away from her shoulder. The seal had begun to glow. "Uh, Miss Typhaeus? Mister Guardian? What's happening?"

Soren grabbed hold of Lucia's other arm. "Jada, I think it's time. The seal is volatile."

Lucia struggled. Couldn't they just leave the seal on?

"Looks like the castor was inexperienced." Jada remarked. The lines of the seal seemed to writhe, as if in pain.

"Or short on time." Soren squinted at the seal. Its lines had begun to thin out and spread to Lucia's arm and neck.

"It's like a storm or something the way it's moving." Nixon remarked.

A storm? Lucia blinked. Maybe the seal was cast during a storm!

In her opinion, that was all the more reason to leave it be.

"Let me go! Let me go!" she began to scream. "I won't let you do this to me! Let me go!"

"Cover her mouth, kid." Soren ordered Nixon, who hesitated.

"But she seems so-"

"Do it!" Jada echoed over Lucia's screams. "The seal needs to be broken at any cost."

Nixon obeyed, covering Lucia's mouth. He helped Jada hold the young girl down while Soren placed his hands over the seal's center and whispered the words of a spell.

Lucia's body began to go limp.

"What have you done now?" Jada demanded, letting go of Lucia. "A sleeping spell?"

Soren shook his head. "Better."

"Nix. . .on." Lucia mumbled. "Don't. . .let 'm. . .bre. . .break. .it.. .too. . much.. . .hurts."

"What?" Nixon immediately knelt down and grasped Lucia's hand. "What do you mean, too much hurts?"

"Mis. . .sion . . .comp. . .lete. . .cost. . .seal. . .storm.. . .sane. . .jimm. .. gone. . ."

"What have you done?" Nixon screamed. "What is she saying? Do you know anything about it?"

"I placed a temporary block on the seal." Soren explained. "I guess she's really fighting it."

The End

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