"What for?" Lucia demanded. "We already know the seal is there. Nixon has seen it."

"Has he?" the man called Soren raised an eyebrow. "Then you should have no problem showing the rest of us. How did Nixon manage to make it visible?" 

Nixon began to protest, stuttering in embarassment at Soren's question.

"Shut up, Nixon." Lucia silenced the young man, glared at Soren as she pulled the chainmail vest over her head. "There are two known methods, and one of them does not involve people."

"No, there are three methods. The first requires a powerful spell, the second a dragon's breath, and the third a command mage." Soren corrected her. "And unless you met a dragon on your way here, we will have to call in another friend of mine to actually see the seal."

"As a matter of fact, we did." Lucia replied as she undid the first two buttons of her tunic, pulling the shoulder aside to reveal her bare shoulder. "In that ruined city. What was it's name again, Nixon?"

"Yygdrasil." Nixon supplied. "But the dragon told us that there were two methods, not three."

"Jada, start the examination." Soren said quickly. "You must have misheard the dragon, kid."

"I didn't." 

"Prove it." Soren drew himself up to his full height."

"Gladly." Nixon straightened up as well, standing a head taller than Soren. "Lucy, you heard Inhar say that there were two methods, right?"

"That's right." Lucia replied, uncomfortable with Jada prodding at her shoulder. "He clearly said two methods, and his was the only other."

"Sit still!" Jada exclaimed. "Tell me the exact spot where the pain started after that dragon breathed on her."

"Here." Lucia touched her shoulder, right where the base of her neck started. 

"Got it." Jada laid her hand over the spot, whispering something incomprehensible.

Suddenly, Lucia felt a rush. She could hear the men in her vision again clearly, although she could not see the vision. As the sounds ran through her ears, she felt her shoulder growing hot.

With her left hand, she snatched Jada's wrist. "Get your hand off me, you witch." she snapped. "Or I'll break it in half. You know I have the power to do so."

Jada's mouth was wide open in surprise. 

"But it's only a level five." she said. "I should be able to- unless it's a-"

"No." Lucia gripped Jada's wrist harder. "You cannot fight it. You cannot fight me."

"Jada' what's going on?" Soren demanded. "Lady Lucia?"

"Don't you touch me." Lucia turned to glare at him. "I want no part in this bindbreaking. Leave it on."

"Why should we?" Nixon grabbed Lucia's wrist and forced it off of Jada's. "Why is that suddenly so important."

"Leave it, kid. It's a guard. She'll thank us once we break the seal."

"No, I won't!" Lucia glared at the man who claimed to know her father, whoever he was. If she didn't want it off, then he should just leave it.

"A guard?"

"A manifestation of the castor's desparation, didn't you know that?" Lucia snapped, annoyed. "Any second classer knows that about seals."

"Excuse me?" Nixon's eyes grew round. "I am not a second-classer."

"She's lucid. She probably doesn't know what she's saying." Soren knelt down in front of Lucia. "I know of your extensive knowledge, Lady Lucia, but this boy doesn't. He doesn't even know who you are."

"I don't care. Just leave the seal on!" Lucia begged. "It cannot be broken."

"At level five, the three of us could manage just fine." Jada countered, rubbing her wrist and glaring at Lucia. "That hurt, by the way."

"I warned you." was all Lucia said in reply. 

The End

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