Father and his friends

"You think she's a nobleman's daughter?" Nixon whispered as they left the inn.

"I don't think. I know." the man replied. "But it's not safe here. The people chasing her think she might be dead, or at least under their control. When you woke, did you find some sort of mark or seal on your body?"

Lucia opened her mouth to say something when an arm was thrust itself in front of her face.

"Sir!" Nixon stepped in front of the door, keeping his voice low. "That is out of line. You're not a healer."

"No." the man agreed. "But if you know anything about high-level magic, you should know why I'm asking."

"Then ask that somewhere else!" Nixon snapped. "You said you knew a safer place."

The man nodded. "Alright then."

They traveled through a dark part of the city and found themselves near the city's western wall. Or at least, that was where the man who claimed to know Lucia's relative had told her when she asked what part of the city they were in.

He was beckoning them inside a small house, urging to come inside where it was safe.

"I promise there's only one person in here right now, and I trust him."

"Doesn't count for much." Nixon and Lucia muttered in unison. Nixon stared at her in surprise at they entered the shack.

"If that's the case, why bother coming?" he asked.

"Answers." Lucia replied. "Why else would I go inside this house?"

"What answers do you seek, young lady?" a woman's voice asked. "Did you lose something? Something. . .important?"

"Jada, don't be so ominous." the man scolded gently as he took off his coat. "The girl has lost her memory, and we know you can find something out for us."

"Jada Typhaeus." Nixon whispered. 

"Who?" Lucia looked at the woman, who was at least in her forties, but could still be considered attractive by someone at least ten years younger. "Do I know you?"

"Not officially, no." The woman stood up, pushing her short dark hair from her face. "But I knew you'd be here. You came before you went missing three months ago. I also know your father."

"Who is he?" Lucia asked, crossing her arms.  This woman was acting more and more like her adversary every second they spent in her tiny house.

"He's a very important man to this kingdom. I'll tell you that much. Soren, how much do you know?"

"Not much." the man replied. "I think she has a seal."

"Well, that chainmail is a hindrance, then. Take it off."

The End

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