Lucia and Nixon had ridden to the entrance in stony silence, and now Lucia waited impatiently as Nixon thanked the dragon for the third time for helping them.

"You're sure I'll be able to come back again without being attacked?" he asked, grinning like a child who had been given sweets.

"I am certain that the other dragons will sense that you are not a threat to our territory." Inhar assured him.

"Nixon, please." Lucia stepped forward. "We have to leave if we want to be within walking distance of Vastrom before nightfall, right? Let's get out of here. Goodbye, Inhar. Thanks again."

"You are most welcome." Inhar said, baring his teeth in what Lucia suspected was a smile.

Nixon, however, did not want to leave yet. "But, Lucy-"

"Now, Nixon!"

Nixon sighed. "Fine. . . goodbye. Inhar." he said before he was forcibly lead away by Lucia.

They walked for a short distance before she turned to him and asked, "Do you ever stop talking?"

"Have you ever heard of patience?" Nixon countered.

"From you? Enough times." Lucia replied. "Where will we stay when we get there?"

"There's an inn on the edge of the city that's respectable. How'd you know that we'll be be there by nightfall?"

Lucia looked at him, surprised. "Didn't you tell me?"

"Nope. Never mentioned it." Nixon said casually. "Perhaps it's a memory that broke free of the seal. Which would be hard, given how potent even a level four seal can be, but you see to be a stubborn person."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence. I assure you I could beat the seal on my own if I had a book of my memories in front of me."

Nixon chuckled. "As I said. Stubborn."

The End

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