"What kind of a name is Inhar?" Nixon asked, dumbfounded, as they made their way to the city center on the dragon's back.

"My true name is Drinaruuslaeta." Inhar explained. "The people who inhabited this city at the time had trouble with it- especially the little ones." the dragon turned around and gave Lucia what she supposed was a friendly glance. "One child called out to me with the name Inhar, and I have been known as that since to most humans. It was six hundred years ago, when Yggdrasil was in its prime."

"And when humans and dragons were said to live in peace." Nixon added.

"It was indeed a peaceful time between us." Inhar agreed, his chuckle rumbling like an earthquake. "Now we are nothing but myths. It quite amuses me. Here we are." he knelt down so that Lucia and Nixon could climb off of his back. "I believe it was you, Luciana, who asked the same question the first time we met."

Though she and Nixon  had explained Lucia's story and what she thought her name was to him, Inhar had been calling her Luciana since the moment they had climbed on his back, and Lucia didn't like it. It didn't seem like a name for her at all. Lucia would have been fine. For the fifth time, she started to protest.

"My name is-"

"I know very well what your name and state of mind are, child." the dragon interrupted stubbornly. "You still protest, even when you lack memories of every day but this one, about what you should be called. To the dragonkind, you are Luciana."

"Whatver. Have it your way. But how will I break this seal. . .or whatever it is. . .that's on me? How do I even find it?" Lucia asked.

"There are two ways." the dragon answered. "The first one is easy: you must let me breathe on you so that the seal may appear. The second way is a powerful spell, one that tires out even the greatest mages. And since you are here, we may as well try the first."

"Breathe on me." Lucia repeated, dubious. "Do dragons breathe magic or something?"

"We are able." was Inhar's explanation. "No one, human or dragon, can say why. Only that it has always been this way."

Lucia looked at Nixon, who shrugged. They would have to take Inhar's word for it.

"You're sure we'll find this seal?" she asked, scrutinizing the dragon's mouth. His breath would probably be completely rancid, if he was a hunter. Letting a dragon breathe on her seemed like a really bad idea now.

"It's about your only option, Lucy." Nixon said when she looked his way. "I'd do it."

You're a man, Lucia thought but didn't say. Also, I'm sure you'd gladly let a dragon eat you just so you could study it's insides.

Thinking it over, Lucia decided that it would be better to see if the seal was actually real. "Might as well get it over with." she muttered, bracing herself. "Breathe on me, or whatever you have to do."

Inhar nodded, turning so that his large head faced her. "This will not hurt you." he said gently. "Do not resist it."

Lucia held her breath and tried to relax her shoulders. 

The End

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