The Legend of Yggdrasil

The twenty-minute walk had probably been nothing to Nixon, but felt like an eternity to Lucia. How was she ever going to regain her memories?

Nixon had taken it upon himself to tell her the history of his home, and was nearly done, she hoped, when she began to see stone.

"So the academy is overseen by Lord Keane, and has been for the past twenty years. It's not one of his official Advocate duties, but he does the best job in history. His second man, Master Elhawk, once struck him with lightning when they were my age!" the young mage said, awe filling his voice. This was before the Old Lords and the War of the Beasts, though. I've only ever seen Master Elhawk a few times myself, but the one time I saw Lord Keane, it blew me away! His daughter was beside him, and her hair was so long, it was hard for even the wind to sway it! I couldn't believe my eyes-"

"Look!" Lucia pointed at the crumbling stone, half wanting to punch Nixon for not shutting up the entire walk. "We're here."

Nixon nearly bumped into her as he walked, staring at the ruined city in awe. "It's more fantastic every time you see it." he stepped onto a broken up path, taking in the scene. Looking back at Lucia, he tried to smile and said, "Funny, though, I don't see any dragons."

"Yeah, I'm sure that's odd." Lucia replied sarcastically as she followed him. "You're almost lucky. I don't even have an idea of what a dragon looks like-"

"Lucy, duck!" Nixon forced a huge ball of earth out of the ground, bringing it up high. Lucia could see one more along side it.

Lucia whirled around to see a large winged beast hovering over her. "What the-"

"Do not try to harm me, mage, for my skills far outweigh your own giftings." the beast said, its rumbling voice distinctly male. "Put the earth back where it belongs."

Nixon let the earth drop, staring at the beast in surprise. "You're. . . .real." he said, pinching himself.  "So dragons do exist after all."

The beast, apparently a dragon, flew towards Nixon and bared its teeth. "Yes, boy, and our existience exceeds that of your race by quite a few milennia. Do not dare to challenge my kind again unless you are prepared to die. I will not harm this young lady, nor will my kin."

"Do you have a name, Noble Beast of the Air?" Lucia asked. "Or must we give you one?"

"I have many names." the dragon answered. "Though since Yggdrasil has been my home, I took the name Inhar. You may remember from your visit ten years ago, should you call it to mind."

The End

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