"I think I'll call you. . . . Lucy!"

"Phew!" Nixon said, kicking the second mage thief Lucia had defeated. "How did you do that? It's hard to make certain types of earth conform to shapes you don't know very well."

"Maybe I knew it well before I lost my memory." Lucia, shrugging as she let the earth dagger poof into dust.

"Maybe." Nixon said. "Anyway, you wanted to go to Yggdrasil, right? I suppose I could put my training on hold, if you'll have me. We can test your abilities along the way to wherever else you have to go." the young man grinned down at her hopefully.

Lucia sighed, giving him a small smile in return. "If you insist, Nixon. Which direction shall we head in?"

"That way." Nixon reached out and turned Lucia by her shoulders about forty-five degrees. "It isn't that far. Twenty minutes, just like you said. I didn't want to get too close, though, so it'll be my first time there. What do you think is inside? Could there really be dragons? I really hope I meet one that doesn't plan to eat me-"

"Who knows?" Lucia cut him off. If he talked like this the whole time, it would be a long trip. "How old are you, anyway? You seem pretty young." she added, trying to sound casual as they started walking.

"Twenty-one." Nixon answered. "So, do you know your name? You said that you lost your memories."

"My name is all I know, but I don't even know if that old woman who sent me here told it to me straight." Lucia explained. "She said that during the storm, before I passed out in front of her, I said my name was Lucia. . .something, and that I had whatever is on my person now."

"Interesting." Nixon remarked. "The other night, I slept in a nearby clearing, and I could see a storm on one of the mountains. But. . . .Lucia? It sounds so cold. Who names their daughter that?"

"It is my name, for the present." Lucia reminded him, trying not to feel wounded.

"But it doesn't seem to suit you." Nixon said, his eyebrows knitted in concentration. "I think I'll call you. . . .Lucy! Yeah, it sounds so much better. More friendly."

I don't think I'm that friendly. Lucia thought to herself. "I don't think that-"

"It's settled. To me, you're Lucy, the strange girl who can throw earthen daggers without knowing how to." Nixon declared.

Lucia sighed deeply. This was going to be a long trip. "Whatever."

The End

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