Lucia. . . .I think.

The 19-year-old daughter of my character Derrick Keane. She's just like him.
Except somehow, she lost her memory.

She woke to find that she knew nothing.

"Are you awake, child?" a soft, motherly voice cooed. "You came here through quite a storm."

"Storm?" the girl muttered, opening her eyes, then recoiled and quickly covered her face. Nothing but her name and the bright light shining right in her eyes! What was it?

"The sun hurts your eyes?" the voice asked.

The sun. . . .so it was daytime. "Yes. . .a little." she replied, reaching out to block the sun with one hand and slowly opening her eyes again. "It's so bold, it hurt for a moment. . ." the girl looked around once, twice, and then realized that she had no idea where she was.

"Are you alright?" the voice called.  The girl looked to see that it was an old woman, moving with surprising agility to check on what was cooking over a small fire.

"I don't feel hurt, but. . ."

"Can you tell me your name?" the old woman asked.

"It's. . .L-" the girl stopped. Her name was. . . . it started with the letter L, but what was it? "It's. . . ."

"Let me see you." the old woman moved over, then stared into her eyes for a moment. "Can you not remember your own name, child?"

"I think it starts with L. . . ." the girl felt panic rising in her chest, but forced it back and sat up. Maybe if she asked this woman some questions, it would help her remember. "Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here? What year is it? Are we alone here? Do you know me? Do you know if I have any-"

"Enough!" the old woman exclaimed.  "I don't know anything about you, child, but thatwhen you stumbled upon my house you wore these," the old woman held out what looked like chain mail and travelers' clothing.  "and you said 'I am Lucia Kay' before you fell under whatever spell or seal you fought against."

"Spell. . . .seal?" Lucia asked, taking the mail and clothing. "What are you talking about?"

"Let me see you." the old woman placed her fingers gently against Lucia's neck. "I may be able to see what ails you."

Lucia closed her eyes, expecting some terrible thing, but only felt an odd tingling sensation pass through her, from where the woman was touching her neck to the top of her head.

"A fifth-degree seal." the old woman muttered. "I cannot help you."

"What?" Lucia opened her eyes. "Why not?"

"It is beyond my field of expertise. There is only one-"

"Could you at least tell me who you are?" Lucia asked. "And where I am, before you send me away?"

The old woman sighed. "I am Yacama, and you are in my home, which was blown apart by a storm recently. To find your memories there is only one group of people who can help you. I can send you there, but that is all I am able to do to help you."

"How will you send me there?" Lucia asked.

"That is my business." Yacama replied. "You will find yourself in a forest just outside a city. Head northwest for twenty minutes and you should find yourself on the outskirts of a great city. There should be several places for you to spend the night that are low enough in cost."

"But how are you-"


Lucia's question was lost. The last thing she heard before the world swam around her was Yacama's voice:

To find, you must first seek.

You must not be proud, only meek.

Barriers of time bend,

so that this one I may send.

The End

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