Always wear a seatbelt!

Over the next few days, I was laid in the hospital bed just flicking through channels when the doctor came in and said “right… time for you to go home I think… stay away from that forest a lot of people have gone missing over the past few weeks I’d consider yourself lucky!”

“Don’t worry I will… thanks”


While in the car we past the forest where the attack happened, as I gazed further into the dark abyss I saw the same figure that had attacked me that night I scattered back to the other side of the car “what’s wrong?” my father asked

“The thing its back...!”


“trust me dad, put your seatbelt on!” before he had a chance to the animal charge at the car smashing into it with immense force, the car flipped multiple times before smashing into a tree “Dad…” I shouted in despair”… no response I crawled out of our wreckage of a car. The beast placed its paw down next to me, I looked up… the beast was some sort of wolf creature over 7 feet tall. It picked me up like a rag doll; I noticed the scar on its right side from our first encounter… it threw me to the left I knew this was the end suddenly I flipped and landed on my feet… I started to feel very strange as if I became very in tune with my surroundings, I must have grown a few feet and I suddenly got incredibly hairy my face stretched out almost like the wolf-creature. I now turned to face the werewolf… charging towards it… smashing into it head on… sending it flying… I let out a gut retching howl, the werewolf stood high above the wreckage of the car, it dashed back into the forest… I suddenly blanked out

The End

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