Stranger in the Dark

No one in the entire universe could have guessed what happened that cold, dark and bitter night in October. I had just finished Raking the back yard when I heard rustling in the forest behind our house, “hello…” I said with a slight stutter, the rustling got closer and closer “Answer me!” I was getting more and more frightened as the noise became louder and louder, I suddenly dropped the rake and ran to the back of the house, the rustling stopped and the forest returned to normal… “What where you shouting at max?” my father asked “Oh… it was nothing” but it was something and I intended on finding out what that something was. The next day, after finishing my chores I grabbed my coat and went on a mission, a mission to find the thing in the woods. After an hour’s search I started to lose daylight and I wasn’t going to be caught out here in the dark, I started to head back to the house… Soon I started to see the light from our little town “home at last” I said with a sigh of relief but I heard the rustle again, I quickly turned to see what was making the noise... nothing there it was again but from behind me, I turned again I saw a dog like figure in between some trees to the far left, the figure soon charged at me with incredible speed… I turned to run but the creature was almost upon me, I wasn’t going to make it the creature pounced and landed like a missile on my back, ripping my coat almost instantly it was tearing the skin of my back, I reached for a stick that had fallen from a nearby tree, grasping it I lunged it into the animals left side it let out a yelp then the animal bit my arm, “AHHHH!” I let out a cry of pain, after some long hours lying on the forest floor I staggered to my feet and headed for the town I couldn’t look back, but I did any way the creature was stood in the moon light it suddenly dashed out of sight…

The End

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