Hello, Stranger!

How good it is to see you standing there.

We meet again in this moment of bliss.

The nights I had planned I will have to miss.

Your name? I am quite familiar with it.

It's marked on me underneath this dress.

There is a strong hold between us I must confess;

Though it is a bond I cannot address.

I wear this purple flower in my hair;

it draws you to my forehead instead of my lifeless eyes.

This is the death I never wanted to come to pass.

Our love was a shimmer of light that was not to last.

The good comes and goes in a single blast.

It stood proud and empty, our loves hourglass.

Fallen down? Perhaps. Although we never really glanced there.

Maybe we should take a look? Maybe we'll find our missing self,

upon that rotting wooden shelf?

I promise I'll take of these shoes that made me tall and proud.

I'll never use the voice that makes me loud.

I'll be as soft as the skin upon your back.

I will make me the person you want.

I swear to you I'll be the thing you lack.

Love will help us find the way back.

The End

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