Enchanted Forest

"Where am I?" If someone put me here, then this place is real... Though why anyone would have brought me in the middle of the forest is beyond me. Then again, could I have wandered here by myself and not remember? How could that have happened... Unless I have amnesia. For a moment I try to pay attention to possible pains from injuries, yet felt only the slight discomfort of dead twigs and slightly crunchy leaves underfoot. Then I felt my body for bruises... Nothing. Next, my head. But the only abnormal thing was a small piece of leaf hanging from my hair. That's when I realized my clothing was in perfect condition, without smudge or tear, nor even a stray twig or piece of dry vegetation. "That's strange, I'm supposed to have spent the night, or who knows how long, asleep on leaves and dirt..." At that moment I find a large ripped up leaf hanging just below my knee, it had apparently slipped through my search for debris. I brush it off and look for more, but find none. So I decide to look around. As I observe the surrounding area... I come to realize that I am standing in a small clearing... A very small clearing in the forest, surrounded by an almost perfect circle of trees, thick underbrush, and vegetation. Above the brush I can see a bit farther into the forest and see innumerable tree trunks eventually blending into a gray mass. It occurs to me that I am surrounded by impenetrable vegetation. A leafy cell... Someone had placed me in a prison.

The End

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