I looked over my shoulder. It was my best friend, Kat. We went to high school together and we’d be graduating next spring. I waited for her to catch up to me. She had her afternoon class in the same building as mine, but we were on separate floors. Ugh, I just couldn’t get this girl out of my head and I had no idea why I couldn’t. I wondered if Kat knew anything about her. I decided to ask.

            "Hey, have you seen that really pretty girl with the edgy, dark hair? Have you met her?" I asked, while holding onto my leather backpack straps. She snapped her eyes up to mine, almost in alarm.

             "Yeah, I’ve seen her,” Kat responded shortly. She darted her eyes away from mine. “And no, I dunno her. I've only seen her once or twice."

            “Damn…” I muttered, bobbing my head down in dismay. I wasn’t surprised it required so little information for Kat to know of whom I was speaking. I suppose she's the kind that can leave an impression, no matter the circumstance. I was really hoping she knew something; her reaction told me she did and wasn’t telling me. What was she hiding from me? We said goodbye and went into separate classrooms. I'd catch up with her later.

            Time crept by in class. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the hands on the clock. I kept thinking about the girl and wondered why she had this effect on me. As the clock ticked down to the last few seconds of class, I rose, grabbed my book bag, and carried my white wool sweater in hand as I hurried out of the building into the afternoon sun. I walked through the courtyard as I tucked my long, layered, crimson hair behind my ear. I felt the eyes of someone staring at me, and I looked over my right shoulder to see whom it was. It was one of the campus guards. He was standing a few yards from me under the shade of a fiery orange maple tree. The whispers of danger were suddenly growing and it caused adrenaline to begin to pulse through me.


The End

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