I never laid eyes on her before in my life.

It was mid October. She had to be new here this semester. Our campus was small and I definitely would have remembered seeing her around. It was hard for me to see her face clearly since I usually only managed to get mere glimpses at a distance before she disappeared into a building or a throng of students. Finally, I spotted her leaning against the wall of the math building while I was walking to class and I was able to study her. She was talking with a couple friends. She was taller than I. Her hair was a rich, dark shade with strands of teal and purple that fell below her shoulder blades. She had a flawless complexion and glistening eyes. I saw her laugh… wow, what a gorgeous smile. Layers of her razor-cut hair whipped around her face as she smiled then turned to walk away from them. I somehow knew she was an unforgettable beauty, yet something inside me whispered.


            I kept wondering if I would see her again and if it would be soon. I wanted a chance to talk to her, to know her. I wanted a deeper level of closeness with her. A day went by, or maybe it was more... it felt like more and all I could think about was her and the shroud of mystery that hung over her. I caught another glimpse of her before she vanished within a crowd. Damn it! She's here; I'm here, why is she so hard to talk to for a moment? Frustrated, I went into the building where my afternoon class was held. Once inside, I became more alert as I heard the quickening of footsteps behind me, but then a familiar voice called out, “Alessia! Hey, wait up!”     

The End

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