Part 5

After a while of puzzling over Jimmy and the center island, Liz leaves the kitchen and heads to the orphan's room. When she enters, she finds Anna standing a good few feet away from Rebecca, who was sitting on her bunk bed and grinning.

Did I miss something?” Liz asks, looking between Anna and Rebecca with a confused frown.

N-no.” Anna stutters, causing the little girl to chuckle. Liz narrows her eyes in suspicion, but when neither of them decides to offer an explanation, she sighs and moves over to Rebecca.

What has gotten into you? What happened to the sweet little girl I knew? Did something happen last night?” Liz asks Rebecca.

Nothing. I'm just tired of David messing with me and no one doing anything about it.”

That doesn't explain why you are being disrespectful to me and Anna.”

It doesn't? Didn't I say you weren't helping me? I thought I explained everything.” Rebecca replies, her voice steadily becoming bitter and angry.

Not helping you? Every time David started picking on you I solved the matter. Do you want me to just spank him or something? That's not how things are done here.” Liz voice was stern as she stared the misbehaving girl down.

Spank him! Lock him in a closet! Throw him in a pond! I want him gone! I never want to see him again! I'll just leave if you won't help me!” Rebecca shouts, her words rushed and fragmented as her frustration brought tears to her eyes.

Rebecca! You are being unreasonable! How would getting rid of David help you? His teases aren't even that bad! Didn't I tell you he was only flirting in that weird way boys do?”

Tears continue to fall down Rebecca's red cheeks although she no longer seems angry. It was as if she suddenly awoke from a terrible trance, going from violent to her normal sweet self the moment the words left Liz's lips. The little pig-tailed girl clings onto Liz, burying her face into her caretakers shirt. Liz gently strokes her hair, looking worriedly at Anna.

Rebecca, why don't you go get yourself cleaned up?” Liz says, gently pushing the girl away and giving the child a warm smile. Rebecca nods her head, and slowly leaves the room.

Umm...” Anna looks shell shocked, having been completely taken aback by Rebecca's behavior.

Yeah. Things are all out of whack around here. Could you check on Margaret for me? She hasn't called for anything even though it's been a while since this morning.”

Sure...” Anna stumbles out , narrowly missing the door frame as she takes a left to go to Margaret's room. Liz can't help but smile a little at her friends melodramatic tendencies. Sure, Rebecca's behavior is a little abnormal, but it's nothing to be stumbling into walls for. Then again...Anna wouldn't be used to such negative emotions. She lives a happy life, with happy friends and a happily optimistic attitude. She didn't have to eat lunch in the bathroom when her only friend missed school, or be cruelly teased by people because they had nothing better to do. Liz gives herself a little shake to disperse the memories. She doesn't have to deal with that now, so why think about it? It's something of the past, and besides, Liz believes in karma. Just that thought brings her closure.

Later, when Anna went to check on Margaret, she found the woman pacing her bedroom, looking as healthy as a horse and very worried. She coddled and cooed over Rebecca, while the orphans would either steer clear of the girl or hesitantly talk to her while standing a good foot away. Rebecca seemed fine as long as she had Margaret, but as soon as the woman left to take care of some business she would retreat to the corner of the playroom and sulk under her cloud of loneliness.

Liz didn't go to her, for she believed there was nothing she could really do. Instead, she answered Anna's many questions about Jimmy and the events that started when he appeared. She also greeted the other returning employee's in Margaret's steed, since the woman was busy with other things.

By the end of the day Liz was exhausted and ready to snuggle into her bed. Today had been just as stressful as the one before, and Liz wanted nothing more then to isolate herself in her room. When her door finally came within sight, she notices that Jimmy is sitting outside her door, waiting for her. When he caught sight of her, his crystal blue eyes lit up, a bright smile appearing on his lips. When he was like this, Liz was more at ease since he looked like a normal boy. But it didn't last long, as usual. When she got to her door, the emotion disappeared, replaced by his customary blank expression.

Do you need something, Jimmy?” Liz asks.

Zeke wants to say “hi” soon.” was his only response before he turns and begins walking to his own room. Suddenly, he halts, and turns his head so that Liz could only see his profile.

Oh, and I'd keep an eye on Rebecca and David if I were you. The witch isn't done casting her spells.” Liz's blood runs cold as his lips pull into a wicked smirk before he continues on his way. As soon as he was out of sight, Liz quickly escaped into her room, locking the door behind her.

Why is he still going on about Rebecca being a witch? And who or what is putting this nonsense in his head? Liz rubs her eyes and gets ready for bed, changing and settling under her thick comforter. She lays there for a while, staring at the chipped ceiling and wondering what was going on. What did Jimmy mean “Zeke wants to say “hi” soon”? How is this Zeke going to say “hi”? Her imagination went out of whack as she tried to figure out what was going to happen next. Was a dark, smokey cloud going to appear in the corner of her room like in those ghost movies? Will someone get possessed? Liz hides her face under the blanket as an odd chuckle escapes her lips. How silly of her to think Jimmy actually has a ghost friend. It's just a imaginary friend and he is just a little weird...right?


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The End

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