Part 1

Liz is the caretaker of an orphange in North Carolina. While out supervising the children during recess, a little boy appears out of the woods, dirty and ragged. Ever since Liz took the boy in, strange things have been happening...from the orphans screaming in the night to children disappearing.

"Stop hitting Rebecca, David!" Liz scolded, glaring at the muddy little boy swatting at a girl in a pink dress.

"He's going to get my pretty dress dirty!" the little girl whined, running over to Liz and tugging on the womens shirt.

"Your dress is ugly!" David sneered, sticking his tongue out at Rebecca.

"You know, Rebecca, he's only doing this cause he likes you. Boys like to pick on the girls they like." I told the crying girl, grinning mischeviously at David while patting her head. David makes a some kind of choking sound before running off.

"See! He couldn't even deny it!" The little girls tears dried up instantly, and a bright smile replaced the frown on her round face. Rebecca politely thanks Liz before running off to join a group of girls, and after a short, whispered converstaion they break out in a fit of giggles.

"Are you spreading rumors, Liz?" Margaret walks up, her blue eyes bright with laughter.

"Of course not. I was just solving an issue with facts." Liz smiled at the slightly chubby woman. Margaret owned the orphange, called Maggies Home for Lost Angels, and treated the staff and orphans like family. Since Margaret had been an orphan herself, she didn't have any blood relatives that she knew of.

Out of the corner of her eye, Liz noticed movement in the woods. Turning her head in that direction, she searched the pine trees, waiting for the flicker of movement again. To her surprise, a little boy steps out of the woods, wearing a pair of dirty shorts and a tattered blue shirt. Twigs were sticking out of his black hair, and the dirt caked on his face brought out the startling blue in his blank eyes. Liz's gasp catches Margarets attention, and the woman looks over at the tree line. When she spots the boy, she gives her own gasp and rushes over to him.

"Are you ok, honey?" she coos worriedly, picking the twigs out of his hair. The boy gives no response, only watching Liz as she walks up to join Margaret. Liz's worry is quickly replaced with an uneasy feeling, as the boys gaze had not once wavered from her since he'd stepped out of the woods. By now, the children have noticed their guardians were focused on something else, and begin coming over to check it out. Liz turns away from the boy, leaving him in Margarets care, and begins shooing the orphans into the building, ordering them to go to their rooms until she tells them otherwise. After making sure they were in their rooms, Liz begins to go back outside when she hears Margaret in the kitchen. Changing direction, Liz eventually ends up in the kitchen, finding Margaret gently cleaning up the boy with a wet rag, looking for injuries.

"Liz, can you get the First Aid kit? It seems he has a few scratches that need to be taken care of."

"Sure." Liz answers, walking over to the fredge and grabbing the kit off the top of it. As she hands it over to Margaret, she notices the boy is once again staring at her. Her neck begins to prickle and she quickly backs away.

"Can you tell me your name?" Margarets asks him, smiling kindly.

He just stays silent, staring at Liz. Margaret frowns, and looks back at Liz.

"Maybe he will talk to you? I've been asking him questions for a while now and he hasn't so much as looked at me."

"Ok..." Liz answers hesitantly, then looks at the boy and asks "Whats your name?"

He immediately answers, "Jimmy."

Liz and Margaret jump, surprised by the sweet sound of the boys voice.

"Seems he's taken a liking to you, Liz." Margaret smiles at Liz. Liz smiles back, but as soon as Margaret looks away it disappears. She just can't get over the uneasiness that has settled over her since Jimmy appeared...



The End

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