Strange Dreams

A short story. No real meaning behind it. Just something i came up with.

It was getting late as Lola stood outside the local cinema. She had just been to see a movie with her friends. It had finished at 10 a clock and her Dad had told her he would pick her up as the film finished. It was ten to eleven and all of Lola's friends had been picked up already.

"Where is Dad?" Lola thought as she began to get impatient. It was cold and wet and Lola's house was a good hour away from the cinema. It wasn't like her Dad to be late.

As it got later and later Lola decided to try and phone her Dad from the payphone just across the road. She tried several times but there was no answer. where could he be? she thought.

It was now half past twelve and Lola was getting seriously worried. Her mobile phone bleeped and the screen revealed her mum was calling. She answered the phone quickly!

"Lola? Where on earth are you?!" her Mum yelled down the phone.

"I'm outside the cinema still waiting for Dad! Where is he?" Lola yelled back.

"He left to come and get you 2 hours ago!" her Mum screamed with worry. "I will try his mobile. Don't go anywhere Lola!" with that Lola's Mum hung up. It was begining to get very cold and Lola started to shiver.

Hours slipped by and there was no call from either of Lola's parents. Lola sat herself down on a small bench outside the cinema and waited. She waited and waited till she adventually fell asleep.

That morning Lola woke up only to find herself tucked up in the comfort of her own bed. what happend last night? she thought.

She ran down stairs to see if anybody was home. Lola's Mum was in the kitchen making brekfast and her Dad was sat in the sitting room reading the daily newspaper.

"What took you so long last night, Dad?" Lola asked. Lola's Dad looked at her in a very confused manner.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"After the film finised? You were ages. Me and Mum were worried!" Lola said getting slightly concerned. By this point both parents were giving her the same confused look.

"I think you've been having strange dreams, love" her mum called to her from the kitchen giving her a little smile.

With that Lola walked upstairs and sat in her bedroom. Maybe they're right., she thought.

The End

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