strange day of trouble with parents

how parents go on puting most of the faults of the younger brother on the eldest

start by asking you guys if you like to be blamed about something you didn’t
do? Well that happens to me every day. It all started when I had a younger
brother who had all the attention of my parents from the day he was given birth
to until his fourteen years now. It's not that I hate him I like him very much
but it's time for him to be held responsible for things he does.

Let's start
with the first day when he break the TV in our room, he invited his friends
over to play playstation and when he lost he hit the TV with the pad. As I
heard the voice I directly knew I was in hot water. He breaks the TV and I knew
I would be the one blamed. As my mother arrived I sat down as if nothing
happened, she entered the room and saw that the TV was not in the room. She
asked "where is the TV?" I directly said that Ali break it. She just
called my father and informed him, I knew I was going to be dead by the time my
father arrives.

didn’t say nothing until my dad was home and there he was standing and I knew
we were going to our doom or should I say I was going to my doom. When I
entered he told my brother to go outside and play and told me to sit down, he
asked me "who break the TV? And there I told him it was Ali sir. "Why
do you always put the blame on your brother?"He said. Then I replied
"but I am saying the truth you know."

are the elder one so you're supposed to watch over him and you are supposed to
be punished. So he told me I was grounded for three days and that was just the begining of my problems.

The End

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