Stranded in Paradise

"This is most definitely, NOT good."

George Goodwin was striding back and forth on the same spot in a slightly delirious manner, sun blazing down his face. Beads of sweat annoyingly dripped down to his nose and he wiped them away in exasperation. His bare feet tingled on the warm sand as it gently moulded to his footsteps.

His white buttoned shirt clung airily to his muscular frame, undone and still smelling of the sea. As he moved his floppy blonde hair out of his face, and looked down the beach towards his brother Simon, who, given his considerably younger age, was a source of worry for George at present. Simon was lying at the edge of the trees, underneath a makeshift shelter that made use of a fridge and a low hanging tree branch to support a canvas for presumably a cooler shade.

Curled up in a ball, barely visible, George shook his head as he watched his young brother. He looked now, towards to sea and beyond. The horizon was blank. A neverending stretch of serene blue that rippled and sparkled the closer it came to the island. A crunching sound interrupted the unnerving quietness; it was James returning from the trees.

"No sign mate." He moaned in disbelief.

"You're kidding?!" George exclaimed, panicking slightly.

Summer followed James out of the trees, with a dreamy look on her pretty face, taking in the unarguable view of a lifetime. It was, without a doubt, the most textbook example of a desert island paradise that any of them had seen. Yet under the circumstances, at least 2 of them were in no fit state to appreciate it.

"We searched high and low, the plane isn't here, trust me, we'd have seen it" James stated with a tone of grim finality that made George nervous. "Are you sure he doesn't remember anything?" James enquired, nodding over to Simon, "he's been awfully quiet since we came to, y'know."

"I'm sure he'd tell us if he knew how, where or why we crashed. He's just tired and I think he may have a concussion."

"I concur." Summer added with a warm, genuine smile.

James rolled his eyes so that only George could see and carried on.

"If we collect some big rocks and branches, and put help signs all along the beach, that'd be a start, then we can start a fire at dusk and make a better shelter." He stated again, taking control of the situation.

George's mouth twitched ever so slightly as he bit his tongue. He knew it was a good idea, he just wished he had suggested it. He wondered if Summer had noticed his defined abs before he realised James had walked over to Simon and was calling out for him.

"George!" He shouted hoarsely, "come here!"

The End

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