chapter 5

  Once it is pitch black and everyone is asleep, Tucker and I grab
his flashlight and we head towards the clearing. "So, you ready
for your midnight dip?" he asks me as he takes off his shirt and
then  jumps in.
"Tucker, I can't. I forgot…I don't have my bathing suit," I 
whisper to him.
"Your point is?" he asks, getting out and pulling me towards the
 "I can't swim in the clothes I have to wear all day." I argue
"Then don't." he tells me as he leans in to kiss me.
 "Only way I can get in, I'm not taking a chance of one off the
other guys coming here and seeing me." I tell him, feeling
“Look, you and I are going swimming. You can wear my shirt,” he
says ,handing it to me. I finally give in and change out of my
clothes and into his shirt.
 “Now, let’s go for that swim,” he says, pulling me in with him. *       "Hey, where did you two go last night?" Teo asks us the next
morning when we arrived back at camp.
"We got up early and went for a walk. Why?" Tucker asks.
 "You sure about that? Because you were both gone last night when
I woke up to get a drink." Teo says skeptically as he eyes us.
 "I’m very sure, I mean maybe we were down at the water when you
got up." Tucker tells him.
"Not that  it's any of your business anyways," he adds as he walks
off with me following behind.

The End

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