chapter 4

This morning is beautiful, the sun is shining and it feels like it should be a carefree day.
Right, carefree. We are spending the day thinking up a way to get
off this dreaded island, looking around to see if there is anyone
else here with us. The deeper we go into the forest, the thicker
the trees and the darker the sky. It is actually kind of creepy,
but I can see in the distance a clearing. As we approach the
clearing, we can see a little pond like body of water with a
"Tucker, it's beautiful." I whisper to him holding onto his hand,
mesmerized by the sight of the waterfall.
"It is. So why don't you and I sneak back here tonight when
everyone else is asleep." he whispers back and pulls me closer.
"Well at least we have fresh water to drink while we're here." Teo
tells us as we lean over to get a drink.
"Maybe we will find some kind of food if we get to the other side." Dulce says, brightly, as
they all get up.
"Why don't w split up? We can all meet back up here and report
what we  find." Tucker says as everyone gets ready to start
looking around again.
" Ok, you and Evaleena,  me and Dulce, and you two guys." Teo
 "Remember meet here at sundown and we can head back to camp."
Tucker tells everyone.
 "So, where will we search first?" I ask him as he looks through
the trees.
"I thought we could go look in that direction first." He says,
pointing to the east.
 "Ok, so about tonight, what did you have in mind?" I ask him.
 "Well, I thought we could come here, go for a little swim and then lay and spend the night
here alone for the first time. No distractions." he says looking at me.

The End

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