chapter 3

 As everyone lays here on the beach, asleep, I lay looking at the

stars. I begin to think to myself, how can it be so beautiful out

here while everything is going so bad?

As I get up and walk to the edge of the water, I can see the moon
and stars reflected in it but the tide just makes them into
ripples in the water. As I sit there, I drift off into a dream….a
dream where all is good and we are off this island. I must have
gotten so wrapped into this dream, that I don't even realize that 
Tucker is standing beside me now.
 "Hey, what's going on?" he asks, as he lays his hand on my arm.
"Oh, hey. I was just thinking. I thought you were asleep." I say, 
not bothering to look at him.
"What were you thinking about?" he asks, looking up at the sky and
pulling me closer to him.
"About us. We are off this island and back at your place in
Paris." I reply, softly.
"Evaleena. I promise you, we will get off this island, we will be
back at my place in Paris, and we will get married and raise  a
family together." he says, turning me to face him this  time.
"Promise me, no matter what, that you will not leave me, that you
will stay with me." I say to him, looking into his eyes.
"I promise. Now let's go back up there and try to get some sleep."
He replies, smiling gently at me. He then leads me up to the upper
half of the beach.

The End

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