chapter 2

 "Tucker! Help me, please! I need you to untie me!" I yell as he runs over to me.

"Evaleena, where were you?!
We've been looking all over this island for you!" he says,
worriedly,  as he unties the tight knots of rope.
 "I was buried underground in a small room. What happened?" I ask
as I wrap my now free arms around him, just so I have something
familiar to hold on to.
 "I have no idea. All I can remember is the plane going down. When
I woke up, you were gone." He says as he helps me up and continues
to hold on to me.
 "Where are we? Where’s everyone else?" I ask him as we stand
there. I count the figures around me, and notice that it’s just
the six of us.
"We're the only survivors. The plane was swept out to sea. I think
you should know that we are on an island." He tells me, seriously,
as I pull back from him in horror.
"Tucker, Teo. What are we going to do?" Dulce Azelia, one of my
best friends, asks, worry and fear lacing her tone.
"Try to find a way off. We'll have to go look around the island
and find out if there is anyone else here….other than the six of
us." Teo says to his girlfriend, pulling her close for a hug.
I learned that a few minutes of silence made me get this uneasy feeling deep in my
stomach, I couldn't help thinking the same thing that everyone else was.
That uneasy feeling had me thinking….What if we never make it off
this island?
 "Tucker, I don't want to die here on this island. I want us to
get off." I say to him as he, Teo, and the other two guys sit down
to think.
"Calm down, I'm not going to let us die here. If anything, me and
you, we are going to get off this island
and never look back." He tells me, pulling me down beside him and
wrapping his arms around me.

The End

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