chapter one

A novel about a group of people who find themselves stranded on a deserted island.

Four friends

Two strangers

One island....

An attempt to survive and make it back alive....

But what will await for them???

Is it happiness or an end to it all???


 It's dark, cold, and damp. I can feel myself coming to.

What happened? What went wrong? Where am I? What day is it?
These should be simple questions with simple answers.
Keeping my eyes closed, I think back. I can see the plane, my friends, and I remember
that we were on our way to a carefree life.
Knowing that's all I'll be able to remember at that moment, I open my eyes. My head is
throbbing and it’s so intense that I close my eyes again.
After a few moments, I get the courage to re-open them and take on the pain. I wince as
the pain sizzles through my head.
My hands and feet are tied and I realized that I am in a small underground room. I
struggle to remove the binds, but they’re too strong. I try to crawl my way out but hit
something...something made of wood.
 I can feel that it is weak so I kick the weak door as hard as I can until it gives way, and I
begin crawling again. I can see a light at the end so I keep crawling…..only to be led into a
big forest.
I try to think, where is this place? In the distance I see a rundown building, so I try to
come up with a plan to unbind my hands and feet. I crawl my way to the building and rub
the tight ropes against the sharp points.
During this process I hear something…. No, someone calling out to me. Calling my name.
Looking around, I see that I am not alone anymore. I see dark figures emerging from
between the trees.
The dark figures get closer and I realize, with relief that it is only my boyfriend, two of our
friends and two other people who were on the plane with us.
Two other strangers, that is.

The End

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