My hair gently flung back and only Buzz’s body was my warmth. His last pumps of strength went into nudging me towards the abandoned beach. When my toes and finger tips began to slide through the sand under the water, my breath slowly became quicker and unsteady, like I was about to collapse. Buzz swam on and finally rolled my soaking body onto the cold, harsh sand and rocks.
     After I had regained energy and oxygen, one thought dominated my mind – Family – Mum, Dad, Elina and Millie. Oh God! What was I thinking? Trying to swim the lake? Oh, but how I missed them now. Now it is too late to go back, I cannot possibly swim back for I will surely die; would I leave Buzz on this bleak beach, or would I force him to attempt to push me ashore again. Our bodies wouldn’t be able to cope, especially straight after we’d done it once.  I would have to stay put and wait for some sort of rescue to come.
     Millie would have run back to our cottage as fast as she could and told the others. Right now, Dad would be calling the life guard, Mum and Elina would be tearful and Millie would be writing or reading, to take her mind off the situation. I’m sure of it...


Millie stood at the other side of the lake, checking her nails, hair and makeup for the hundredth time before looking around to see if Laura and Buzz had returned. Millie gasped and looked at her phone to see the time.

    "One O’clock?! But... but that means that... Laura and Buzz had been gone for over two hours," Millie exclaimed realising she hadn't even cared to look up from her face to check. Millie's usual pink and rosy cheeks turned a pale ivory; she pulled up her beautiful brown locks and shoved them into a bun, stripped to her bikini, then began to wade out into the lake. Perhaps looking for the top of Buzz's head, or Laura's swimming cap? Millie couldn't help but think the worst, Laura and Buzz had drowned and even 5 year old Elina would be able to figure that out.

     Millie slowly returned to the shore, gathered her designer clothes, packed her bag up and raced through the dense forest that covered a good couple of miles before she reached town.
     While she was running she realised how disappointed Mum and Dad would be after she told them the true story, that she had ignored Laura and Buzz for at least two hours and now they had both drowned. So, she began to deliberate a new story, where a kidnapper had tried to take herself and Laura but before he could, Millie had been able to escape thinking that Buzz and Laura were following. Yes, that would convince them; Millie sped into her house and shouted "MUM! DAD! ELINA! You wouldn't believe what has just happened. Come quick!!" when her parents and younger sister, Elina, had entered the kitchen, Millie screeched out of the door "Laura! Buzz! COME ON! Don't mess with me!" Her plan was going well, of course no reply came, so she turned to her mother and began to sob and scream Laura's name, after her family had calmed her Mille told her story adding in excitement and herself being the heroine. By the end even her father was in tears and the only sombre faced person was Millie. Millie persuaded them all to try and forget about it and hope that she may still be alive, at this her mother sobbed louder, blew her nose, pulled herself together and called the police.
A careful explanation to the police caused an immediate search party involving the whole town got out their torches, packed bags with blankets and set out into the forest to see if they could find any belongings of Laura or perhaps even find Buzz...

The End

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