I show up at the airport with no intention of going through security. I walk through the doors and over to the counter. I whisper in my best little girl voice that the man over behind me has guns and drugs in his coat and that he tried to steal me. I even add a little sniffle at the end for good measure.

The man behind the desk looks at me, trying to decide whether or not believe me. I look over my shoulder and the man smiles at me. I shudder.

The man has made up his mind and smiles kindly at me. I can see his hand go under my line of sight, searching for the panic button. I say thank you, and wait while the cops start running toward us.

"What is wrong, Gorge?" says the really skinny one.

Gorge tells them that the man over there is carrying items against security codes. They look at me, and I sniff a little, looking every part the sad little girl. I turn around and see the man look horrified at the cops trying to arrest him.

I say thank you again and walk off. Now I have a clear shot at the doors. The man, predictably , is putting up a fight, say that he has no idea what they mean.

More guards are coming to help, and that means my plane is unprotected. I slip past the stewardess and into the cabin. I go to the bathroom, and lock the door. No one will come here until the flight has started, and it is clean.

When I hear that the plane has taken off, I exit the door, and go to the first class cabin. I find an empty seat near the back, and plug in the free head phones. Now it is smooth sailing till it lands, then I have to get a boat to take me to my future.

The End

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