And so, if you have been reading attentively (I would be impressed, given the somewhat boring nature of my life) you know quite a bit about who is behind the pseudonym 'sycamore' on your screens.

I, naturally, have left out lots of drama and nervous breakdowns, but only to keep this a light read that would not consume more time than it already has. 

There is my life for you. 

This is who I am.

I hope you've had as much of a ride on this coaster as I did the first time around. 

This journey would not have been possible without the help of many benefactors; my parents, siblings, friends, and you, dear reader. 


A few fresh updates from the field:

-I said that my paternal grandmother is dementic, but her condition is more likely due to some kind of bleeding in the brain set off from a fall that broke her leg. She is currently in hospital as she has been unable to move and eat. (EDIT: She has passed away) 

-My mom (bless her soul) has recently been in a car crash, if I didn't mention, and has also been experiencing various pains. She will be having surgery, I believe. (EDIT: The pains were the result of an unexpected pregnancy. I now have a two-year old brother)

-My dad is heading off to Pakistan today for a month. 

-The whole family (minus dad) are looking to get away from him. My mother's found a job in another province (a town with 2000 people) and will have to take an exam (EDIT: The job fell through, and we're all still in the same house)

And that is all, for now. Perhaps after another fourteen years I will write another volume of my story, but only time will tell. 

Thank you for reading, and I genuinely hope I have taught you something. 

Prayers would be helpful. So would advice. 


The End

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