Grade Eight

And so, we move to my grade eight year. 

I had a nice but somewhat mundane teacher this time around, with a few friends in my class. 

This guinea pig was in our school too. Cute but smelled like death. And squeaked like some kind of dog toy.

Not much memorable that I can think to mention. 

The laptop I have currently adopted as my own was unclaimed then; Ham freely browsed the Internet on it in the corner of our room behind our bunk bed.

I always assumed she'd been playing some Barbie games or something. But then somebody happened to look at the browsing history.

Most of the links were revolting. There was some Barbie, but it was interlaced with some of the most disgusting links I have seen in my life. 

Porn. Weird google searches. I don't even want to remember. 

I still don't understand what it was that motivated her to turn to such vulgar entertainment. She still is probably too young to even understand what it was she was watching.

When questioned, she replied simply with 'I don't know'. 

Maybe it was some kind of weird addiction type thing that was caused by the changes brought on by puberty, or just curiosity, I don't know. 

Apparently one of her classmates gave her the URL to the site.

I can barely even trust her any more. When she looks at me, tries to touch me at all I just freeze up and lash out. 

All I see when I look at her are those sites. 

Maybe my own state is partly my own fault. I have developed something of a series of trust issues in my time on the Earth; I can carry a conversation and feel nothing off about it, but have to have plenty of time before I can learn to trust a person.

Besides, my trust was abused plenty of times in middle school.

My immediate circle of friends was composed of the friend from Riyadh, another girl we'll call Alice, and another who we'll say is Nina. 

Alice was and is a very nice girl, who is also a muslim and started wearing the hijab just last year. 

Nina is also very friendly but, like me, started to feel like the third/fourth wheel when the friend from Riyadh and Alice became close and started leaving us other two out. 

If you told Alice anything, she'd tell her best pal, and vice versa. I learned from experience.

But that year is behind me, and things have panned out quite nicely. 

I will continue this momentarily. 


The End

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