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WIP This is for a school project so comments would be welcomed, about a kid on the streets thats a mechanic but once he meets someone new his life changes forever.



My brow furrows in concentration, the hot sun making my strength of will diminish. I take a breath of the polluted air and return to the device. It's pretty much a normal Xbox controller with a few of my improvements.

I've been working on it for over a year now. I start adjusting a bolt when my grip loosens. I know I need to rest, not that a fourteen year old on the streets of Phoenix is going to get any rest.

The only reason I'm alive is because I'm clever with my hands and know when to back out of a conversation at the right time. There was the time when I was little, but living with the memory is painful enough rather than thinking about it.

I cough and wheeze a little, and then sigh. I swallow the sigh almost as it comes. There once was a time where I could walk freely through the streets, but now even a mutter could get you killed. Coughing isn't questioned though. The pollution is deadly. Even with the danger of the streets, I survived, although I had a big helping of luck.

The US is becoming worse every day and the fools in the important spots just sit around. At least the president has made an effort, but still. The good people, the ones who care, they died out with Europe. Now our government and army are collapsing and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

The fate of Europe and the US will be the same. That's why my invention is so important, for me of course. It allows me to get noticed, to get saved by strong military powers. I don’t care about the other people on the street. They only keep me alive because I can fix things. I yawn and then start to drift off when a timid voice says.

“Hey Handy, get up,” When I do nothing he adds quietly. “Please?”

I groan and slowly pick myself up. I see Don surrounded by people with things in their hands.

“Can’t someone get some sleep around here?” I ask to nobody in particular.

“Probably not,” Don chirps happily.


I start getting to work on some devices with a sigh. I wish that I could get off these small crowded streets of Phoenix. Getting out of this area would be enough to make me smile. Those are some muscles I haven't used in a while, I think to myself.

So far I’ve fixed an old TV, two clocks, a computer, three phones and an iPad. All of which I’ve fixed before. I hope I’m done for the day, but I kind of doubt it. Out of all of Phoenix I’m the best free mechanic. I start tinkering with my Xbox remote. Fiddling with the triggers has helped me get farther with the magnet.

I see a little boy, probably about 11, walking towards me with two walkie talkies in his hand.

“Will y-y-you please f-f-fix these?” He asks with a stutter.

“Sure,” I say kindheartedly. “What’s your name?”

“T-t-Tommy,” he says cautiously. “What’s y-y-yours?”

“Charlie,” I reply honestly.

I take the walkie talkies in my hand and see that the battery-box is busted. I take out my screw driver and disassemble the walkie talkie. Tommy looked like he wants to stop me but he complies.

I start putting back the box and Tommy’s eyes light up in realization.

“Oh,” he says shortly.

I hand it back to him with a rare smile. I think that little kids are the cutest and the one of the only things I'll miss.

I watch Tommy as he disappears into the distance. Slowly I pick myself up off of my beanbag and gradually begin working with my Xbox controller, even though I know I’m too distracted to work.

I start to space out and think about the future. If my invention works I should be able to get taken out of Phoenix by the government. Going to the government isn’t much better than being on the streets but at least I’ll have a warm bed and some food.

I wish I could bring a few people with me, but if it endangers me I can’t. Saving other kids on the street isn’t my problem. My problem is to not die and to finish my device. I have seen those who have died, ones with blank eyes and empty stomachs.

It scares me, having a fate like that. I want to die of old age, although I don’t want to die at all. At least I get paid, but without a doubt if I don’t continue working my supporter will stop funding me.

At least nobody knows about my device. It would be confiscated and probably examined. The magnetized trigger would be a dead giveaway and the A button with the extended springs would be show that I was hiding something.

I see someone running towards me in the distance. It’s a shadowy figure with long wavy brown hair running behind them. I immediately assume it’s a girl, which is surprising considering how few are on the streets. She looks about fourteen years old, the same age as me. When she gets within twenty feet I see her curious, sparkling green eyes.

When she gets close I ask her what she needs.

“What’s your name?” she immediately asks.

“Charlie. You?”

“I’m Amber,” she replies with a pointed look.

I analyse her expression, she looks annoyed, but then again most girls I know do. I try not to look at a long scar on her arm. I glance at it and she catches my eye.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she says with a dark scowl.

I frown. This wouldn’t be someone I want to mess with, I think to myself.

“So what do you want?” I ask.

“I need help,”

“With what?”

“Money,” she says with a smirk.

“I don’t think I’m really the person to help. You’ll probably need . . .” I start.

“A banker won’t help,” she states flatly.

“Why not?”


This girl is starting to annoy me, I think. I sigh, then I reach down for the Xbox remote when I realize that Amber is still there. I turn around, but by the time I look over there she is already gone. I try to shout out, but I feel a throbbing pain in my head and realize that another flashback is beginning.

Chapter 2


This time it’s real. I can tell by the accurate landscape. It still feels unreal though, I can feel the thickness of the fog, the way that it slowly drifts away from my fingers.

I feel the ground wiggling and I know that someone else is coming, then look over see the outline of a tall figure. When he walks in I see Abraham Lincoln walk towards me. He seems older than most of the pictures of him.  

I look down at my fingers. They are almost wisps of smoke. I don’t have an outline at all, which means that nobody else can see me. I check my surroundings, it’s at a place I studied a while ago, Gettysburg.

As Abraham starts to walk past me I leave. I’ve seen this happen before. I start to wander and the scene changes

This time it’s somewhere I haven’t been, it looks like a tomb, one filled with gold. I see a hole and a face poking out of it. I only hear one sentence,

“I see things, wonderful things,”

I warp again, its fictional this time, probably something I just read. These are the best flashbacks, to see what my mind thinks of a book.

I see a small kid strolling up the hill at a leisurely pace towards four other people.

“Val?” he says mockingly. “Val is a joke, a story to keep you going at night. Darius will win eventually, no matter how much you believe in the Legends of Valencia and the crown.”

“Jack, why would you say that?” one of the girls asks. “We are in this together. Why would you say that?”

“I chose the winning side,” the person named Jack says. “But Sean will never know that.” Jack plunges his sword into the person he called Sean’s heart, killing him instantly. I watch Sean crumple off the cliff and then stare at Jack in recognition. It’s from the book The Legends of Valencia.

“Easy,” Jack says. “I got sword fighting lessons from Agar himself. I could hold you off all day and night.

“Why would you . . .” The person I know as Charlie trails off with a confused look.

“Why would I change sides you mean?” he says with a scowl. “You and Val always get all the attention. Val killed the troll. Charlie deserves the elven blade. Blah, blah, blah.” He looks hysterical almost. “And then the fact that everyone ignored me. Didn’t listen to my

opinions. Not even you Charlie. Then Darius came in my dreams.”

“He gave me a reason to change sides, and then one night while you all were sleeping I snuck into the forest and met Agar. He gave me sword fighting lessons and an Elven sword. You were all too arrogant to notice. All except the blacksmith in Riverville. The heart attack was poison.”

I see the other girl creeping behind Jack, but Jack notices it quicker. He lashes out with his sword and gives her a deadly scrape. Then Ivan jumps out and starts attacking Jack. Alyssa follows his example. Charlie hesitates though.

I watch Charlie try to do something helpful and treat the hurt woman, but I can tell he’s not a good medic and that she’s not coming back without a real healer. I can tell she’s almost gone already, but still she picks up a dagger and goes into the fight.

“Look at you Charlie,” Jack snarls while still fighting off Alyssa, Willow and the last guy. “Too coward to do anything,”

Willow stabs at Jack and Jack retaliates and hits Willow in the throat.  

“Two down already,” he says tauntingly but with strain in his voice. The fighting has tired him. As I watch Charlie prepare to strike, I think Ivan is his name, he launches into Jack, shoving him down. I realize it’s a sacrifice move. Ivan is very, very dead. Jack is surprised at the move, stabs Ivan and then falls off the cliff dragging the woman with him.

I watch him tumble down into the water, his body crumpled in the river.

I turn around and see the last one, who I realize is Ivan coughing up blood. Alyssa is almost as pale as Charlie is. She realizes that Jack just took out three of them easily. The only reason they survived was because of Ivan. I see Charlie start hyperventilating but then Ivan says what I know are his last words.

“Give this to my daughter,” he says and hands Charlie a beautiful necklace, and a piece of cloth with an address on it. “I went out but I went out in glory!” his shout is more of a rasp then a shout, but Alyssa smiles weakly anyways.

“I believe in the Legends of Valencia even if others don’t, but I just wish I could have seen the outcome,” Ivan says, “I have a crucial piece of information though. I had to wait because this information can only be heard  by the truest of hearts. “Go to the top of Mount McKinley, on Earth. You will find the map of my descendant, Farian. The map will guide you to Val and the Crown of Valencia, but beware of the Curse of the Oracle.”

And then he took his last, shuddering breath, closed his eyes and died.

I get warped again, after watching the two almost cry. I thought it was ironic that he said only two people heard it, even though I did too. I was kind of surprised about how long the flashback was but I thought it was interesting anyways.

Warping this time makes my stomach hurt and I watch the scene unfold, the day, I realize, when I heard my parents died. I only close my eyes, I never want to relive that scene again. It almost looks like a video, with the highest definition possible, the set ripples and I see a glimpse of white, and then black out.

Chapter 3


I turn around and see Charlie lying there with his eyes closed, he fell asleep after I walked away. I start just walking without even knowing where I’m going, my feet almost refuse to stop. I see a store giving out samples and I walk over there greedily.

“Try a sample of a hotdog!” the salesman yells.

I prance over there and grab two then walk away. The salesman doesn’t notice me. I continue walking down Elm Street and then see three policemen.

I remember these three clearly these are the three that chased me towards Charlie. I smirk at the memory of them looking for me not looking up at all.

“Idiots,” I mumble. I continue walking with my eyes forward, but I know they will see me. I duck towards the nearest alley and hear footsteps. I continue walking and see that two of them followed me, I swear and turns down the next exit.

As soon as I turn I start sprinting, these officers are obviously trying to find me and I can’t let that happen, I have one piece of crucial information for my friend Sophie. I may not be as smart as her, but she could never shoot a gun as well as I could.

I whip out my blowgun, it looks harmless but is as deadly as a gun.

As the first officer comes around the corner I blow and the dart gets injected into his calf. He looks at me, and then crumples, his eyes rolled back into his head.

I get a grip on the wall next to me and begin to climb, I almost gurantee the other officer called in backup.

When I reach the top, my hands gritty from the climb, I check where I am. I see my shabby little tent and know that I planned my escape perfectly.

As I stumble towards my home I see a slight movement in the cover, someone’s there. I pull out my switchblade and walk in there tentatively.

As I walk in I see nothing, the light’s out. Then when I turn around and see Sophie’s little brother Tommy standing over me, holding a brick.

He see’s me and almost shouts, “Amber!”

“Tommy shut up,” I whisper loudly, “The police are after me.”

He makes an O with his mouth and whispers in my ear, “My sister’s ready to see Charlie,”

I immediately grab his arm and walk towards the exit. Tommy follows quietly. We climb down into the alley without a sound and I see a shadow below.

Sophie steps out of the shadows with her blond hair in a ponytail and her piercing blue eyes standing out of the darkness.

“Come on,” she whispers impatiently.

“Coming,” Tommy replies.

I don’t reply but take out my blow gun.

“You don’t need that,” he says, reaching into his backpack.

“What do you have?” Sophie asks suspiciously.

Tommy just grins and pulls out three handguns.

Sophie’s jaw almost drops, but she ends up having a smile almost as wide as her face.

“Where did you get these?” I demand with a smile on my face.

“You don’t really want to know,” he answers cheerfully.

“How many bullets?” Sophie asks.

“One,” Tommy answers. “In each.”

“Let’s go,” I say and we walk over to the end of the alleyway.

Almost ten minutes later I see a flashlight. Then it’s dark and I hear a gun being shot.

Chapter 4


I hear a loud crack, and immediately recognize that it is a gunshot. I duck and roll over to the dumpster, I see a police man brandishing a gun and I shiver, then I see an outline of at least three people. They come into view and I see their faces. I recognize two of them instantly. It’s Tommy and Amber, the two most memorable customers I’ve had today.

The last person, who is a girl, I don’t remember seeing before. She has blond hair in a ponytail and very bright blue eyes.

All three of them are holding guns and the blond girl and Amber both look uncomfortable holding them, only Tommy looks natural.

I finally look at the policemen and see them both holding their guns at Tommy. Neither of them look well trained and there’s only two of them. I feel like I should help them but I don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities. I hear a scream and make

I pick up a newly designed smokebomb and chuck it towards them, then start walking away, they can solve their own problems.

A few seconds later I expects to hear the cringing sound of a smoke bomb detonating, but I hear nothing, and start to turn around. Then I feel something slamming into my head and see darkness.

I’m enjoying this I think to myself after hearing the second gunshot, then I hear Sophie call out to me.

“Tommy!” She yells, “Do it!”

I roll towards open space and fire my only bullet. The bang echoes through the area. The bullet propels through the closest policemen’s calf. He screams and goes limp with pain. The other policeman flees, leaving his gun behind.

I pick it up and examine it, it’s a Walther P99, a german automatic pistol. I look around again and I see Charlie, he’s walking away. A metal object in the air catches my eye. It almost looks like a bomb, then I see a figure flying through the air, he catches the metal object and throws it towards Charlie. It hits him in the head and he collapses without a word.  The bomb hisses and leaks smoke, while a figure emerges from the smoke with a dark hood and a AK-47.

The hooded figure points a gun towards me and I am surprised to see long blonde hair dangling behind the person.

“Why are you here?” she says and gestures towards the three of us.

“Why are you here?” I snap back.

“Charlie can’t press the button,” she says mysteriously.

“What button?” Amber shouts out.

Charlie groans and whines, “The one here.” And pulls out an Xbox remote.

“Don’t press it!” the girl almost screams.

And Charlie says with a dull tone. “Too late,” and presses down.

Chapter 5:


The Xbox remote flares and hisses. It slinks up from Charlie’s hand and leaps towards me. Then it seems  levitate and move. I blink and see it higher than before. Charlie curses and yells, “The electromagnet failed! Watch out!”

The remote flies up to above eye level and fizzles out sparks. The girl with the gun curses and rolls towards Charlie. She whispers in his ear.

Then the remote starts flying towards them and they both duck. I look around and see Amber and Tommy crouching behind a garbage bin. The remote hovers towards them and claps on to Tommy’s hand. He screams and I can feel the device radiating heat. He closes his eyes and passes out, with a high pitched squeal.

Then the remote hurls towards me and I pull out my pistol as if threatening it. The remote inches towards me and I pull the trigger, firing a bullet right through the trigger of the remote. It sputters and falls to the ground, slowly creeping towards me. I yell to Amber “Help! It’s coming towards me!” I feel heat in my leg and pass out before I realize what’s happening.


I see Sophie pass out and look towards Katie.

“Charlie,” she begins, “You know what this means right?”

“Yes,” I say hesitantly.

“We will never be normal again,” she states. “The burns on us will set us apart from others.”

“What do you mean the burns?” I ask.

“We don’t have them … yet,” she says. “But it won’t be long until it comes towards us. It has been targeting people, not machines and it will, eventually find us.”

I look at her comprehending what she just said, and I see sadness in her eyes.

“You didn’t want this did you?” I ask slowly.

“No, but as my kindergarten teacher used to say, ‘You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.’ ”

“Then what did you w…” I begin and see the thing flying towards me. I don’t even wonder how it happened to get off the ground, all I really do is swear and plunge the other way, into the trash. Then I see Katie sitting there calmly with no fear at all.

“What are you doing!” Amber screams. “Are you crazy?”

I barely hear her mutter, “Maybe,”

She lifts her 1st finger on her left hand and I see a sparks hovering around it. She lifts it sluggishly towards the speedy remote, then the shocks seem to form into a beam of light directly hitting the remote.

The remote shudders and as what I see as an action of last defence it crawls towards Katie latches on to her leg and turns almost orange with heat, Katie shrieks and I see blankness in her eyes. I think she passes out but I’m not sure, she could just be being quiet.

Then the machine turns off and I can’t see anything but black.

Chapter 6:


As I open my eyes I can see the inside of a hospital with a few moving shapes near me. My vision is too blurry to make anything out.

I realize that this could be a dream and, as my vision clears, I see that the hospital isn’t as well kept as I thought it would be. The wood floors are scratched and the bed covers are irritating.

I start to doubt my beginning prediction of it being a dream. No dreams I’ve had have been are this vivid. I can see everything extremely clearly.

Eventually I begin to look up and I see evident scratch marks on the wall. I see


The End

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