Chapter 3

Maplefrost POV:

Maplefrost trudded into the warriors' den and sighed. After she had told Willowfern about their talents, Willowfern had done something strange. She had seemed to be looking past Maplefrost, past the brambles that surrounded the Rockclan camp, past everything. Willowfern would not respond to anything Maplefrost said or did for what had seemed like a moon. Then, suddenly, she had jerked her head up, looking as if she had just witnessed a pack of dogs. But Willowfern had seen something far worse than dogs, at least it seemed that way to Maplefrost. Now the sisters were a part of a prophecy that could last forever, along with one other cat, who might as well be a rogue, the pair was so far from finding them. Maplefrost dug her claws deep into the earth. If this what what being a warrior meant, she would gladly be back as an apprentice, or even as a kit back in the nursery. Suddenly, Dawnheart, a warrior, but recently a queen, burst into the den.

"Aren't you going to come watch?"

"Watch what?" After a long day, Maplefrost was not eager to come watch anything.

"Tawnyfur's having her kits!" Maplefrost had completely forgotten. Tawnyfur's kits had been due the day before, and Grassfeather, their medicine cat, had promised their birth later today at latest. She immediately ran out of the den and into the large group of cats circled around Tawnyfur.

"Back up," called Grassfeather. "She needs space." His apprentice, Owlpaw, was soaking moss in water, and Darkpelt, her mate, was trying to convince Tawnyfur to drink it, along with some borage leaves.

"At least eat the borage," he was saying.

"Oh, alright. But this had better end soon," she agreed. Almost immediately after she had eaten the borage, a tiny dark brown tom fell out and into the soft grass below. After, a golden she-cat rolled next to him.

"What are you going to name them?" Thornpelt, a senior warrior asked.

"The golden she-cat is Sandkit, and the tom is Sparrowkit," decided Tawnyfur. She looked at Darkpelt, and he proudly nodded his head in approval of the newest Clan members' names. Maplefrost smiled. At last, something to be happy about.

The prophecy may be important, she thought, but it's not going to take over the happiness of regular Clan life.  


The End

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