Story of RockClan

Fanfic on warrior cats...RockClan rules the forest!

Disclaimer: I do not own warrior cats, Erin Hunter does.

Willowfern POV:

Willowfern looked contentedly at the rocky ground of the warriors' den, yawning. She looked at Maplefrost, her sister, lying beside her. She padded out of the den and into the dawn sunlight. She decided to go out on an early hunting patrol. It was greenleaf, and there would be plenty of plenty of prey in the forest. She would probably come back with her jaws full. She looked around the camp, wondering who to go with. She was evidently one of the first ones up; the camp was empty, except for Gingerfur, an elder, and Brightpelt, another warrior. This wasn't unusual, though. Willowpelt was always one of the first cats awake. Eventually, she strode back into the warriors' den, and shook Maplefrost. She hadn't gone hunting with her sister in moons.

"Wake up, sleepyhead. It's the perfect time for an early hunt. Do you want to come?" Maplefrost's whiskers twitched in amusement.

"Mouse-brain. Of course I'll come with you," she said in a muffled reply.

"Well, then, let's go. The prey won't wait for us to come turn it into fresh-kill," said Willowfern, as Maplefrost snorted, and slowly got up from her nest. 

"Coming, coming. But you know well that you'll be the one coming back with most of the prey," muttered Maplefrost.  Willowfern paused, confused.

"What do you mean?" she asked.  Maplefrost flexed her claws impatiently.

"Haven't you noticed? You're always up early, ready to hunt as soon as you get up from your nest. You always come back with more fresh-kill than any cat could eat in one sitting. But me--when we were still apprentices, less than a moon ago, I could overpower a senior warrior single-pawed! And the last battle, between Rockclan and Birchclan, I felt like I had had the powers of the cats of Thunderclan that we would hear from the elders back in the nursery. I'm one of the best in the Clan fighting battles, and even in leaf-bare you can come back with your full. Starclan must have given us these powers for a reason. I just don't know what it is."

Suddenly, Willowfern felt the ground underneath her collapsing. Faces of star-covered cats surrounded her. One of the cats seemed brighter than all of the others. This cat started to speak.

"A great danger is coming, not just to Rockclan, but to all the Clans. It will take you, Willowfern, your sister, Maplefrost, and one other cat from Rockclan to fulfill a prophecy once given to three cats long ago back by the lake. Only three cats can save the danger that must be faced. Starclan will guide you through the rough times that lay ahead, but we can do more. The future of all four Clans depends on the Three."

The End

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