Story of My Life

This poem is very suggestive without having a specified story behind it making it easy for people to relate too. I know what the story of this poem is for me. What story do you get from it for you?

My life has no effect,

So I agonize,

Then doubt myself.


A million situations were and still are painless,

But the battles surround me,

I will overcome all in the end.


I ran away from real life to depart from my nightmares of being judged.

I removed so much I could almost smell the desperation.


I challenged all the questions in my mind,

Like I’m losing my memory and I might be blind.


Make every moment to moment drive by have purpose.

Don’t skip even one second because you’ll miss your chance.


Every step I take I decline opportunities,

But somehow end up revealing new ones.


All my secrets and all others secret were kept silent.

I could literally taste the remorse that was being held captive in my mouth.


I got the treatment of acceptance,

That renewed my whole world.


This is the identity of me,

But my story is much deeper than you will ever conceive.

I will overcome all in the end. 

The End

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