Story of my Life: P5Mature

After stalling for another hour trying to find something to wear, I finally decided to make my grand entrance. I pulled lightly again on my green skirt in an attempt to make it longer.

            “Here she is!” Vati exclaimed as I walked outside onto the deck. Mr. Alford, this is my lovely daughter, Serea.”

            I smiled and shook Mr. Alford’s extended hand.

            “He is the freshman principal at your new high school,” Vati explained to me.

            “It’s very nice to meet you,” I said with another smile, but groaned inwardly. This was going to be the worst night ever.


The party finally ended around eleven, and the last guest didn’t leave until almost midnight. As the last members of our new magical community left, I turned and began the climb up the bronzed spiral staircase to my room. Although it was painted to look metal, it was actually made of wood because mythical creatures have aversions to so many different types of metal.

            When I made it up to my room, I used zauberei to take off all makeup and put my clothes away. I’m still not sure how humans do everything manually. I pulled out the outfit that I’d picked out last week for my first day of school and looked at it again. Skinny jeans, sandals with a kitten heel, and a light grey shirt with a guitar burn-out on it.

            Contemplating the outfit one more time, I hung it back up on my closet door and went to bed, saying a quick prayer that school would go off to a smooth start tomorrow.


The End

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