Story of my Life: P4Mature

As the last weekend before school started, to welcome the two new kids to Douglasville, the entire local magical community had decided to throw us a party, which Nai had decided was going to be at our house. I’m excited to meet other kids like me, but I’m still nervous about it. Even magical creatures aren’t as accepting as humans are. Especially being a rare and powerful breed, like me. Sure, I’ve got a few friends who moved before us who now live here, but I also have to worry about impressing the rest of the magical community.

            See, the name “McCartney” is a huge sign of power. Historically, it’s the largest clan in Ireland and Scotland, but all the same clan. We’re the line from where every single European royal has been descended. Not saying that all European rulers are magical, because some McCartneys had children with humans, and the magic became lost in those branches. But we’re still one of the strongest, and largest, families in the entire magical world. But no pressure, it’s just the weekend before high school.

            It was due to this stress that I was now standing in front of my mirror, trying to decide what to do with my hair. My hair is a vivid copper that was naturally highlighted blonde in the summer, a trait unique to all sylphs, whose hair naturally highlighted different colors during those warmer months. I used zauberei to style it as I tried to decide. Straight, my hair was waist-length, and looked too casual. Curly, my hair became mid-torso length and wouldn’t stay right in the Georgia humidity. I drum my fingers on my vanity and sigh. Was this a sign of how hard high school is going to be?

            A knock sounds on my door and Nai breezes in. “Serea, I can hear you thinking all the way upstairs. You’re stressing too much, darling. You’ll only make this worse on yourself,” she says with a gentle smile as she comes and puts her hands on my shoulders.

            “You should tell them all not to come, Nai,” I say, biting my bottom lip. “Maybe this high school thing is overrated and I shouldn’t go at all.”

            She shakes her head. “You found a way to join the colorguard at your new high school even though being around humans has always caused you stress. You made a way to hide your wings so you can start school with your twin brother.” She bends down and rests her heart-shaped face on my shoulder. “Serea, there is nothing that you are not capable of.”

            I smile in return. “Thanks, Nai.”

            “You can thank me when you survive your first day,” she replies as she walks back out the door.

            I look back in the mirror. Nai used her zauberei to style my hair into loose waves, with the top few layers of my hair pinned back into a small bun. Sometimes psychic moms really are the best.

The End

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