Story of my Life: P2Mature

I threw my notebook to the ground with a growl and banged on my twin brother's wall. "Brett! Turn it down!"

As if fueled by my anger, the music got louder. I pushed off the wall and yanked open my door, determined to give Brett a piece of my mind, but was stopped by my friend standing in the doorway.

Tim was in black pants and shirt with his usual white suit jacket and black fedora. "I was wondering how long it would take you to open the door," he said as he shuffled the cards in his hands.

"Not now, Tim," I growled as I tried to push past him.

"Now why would you need to go and rip apart your younger brother?"

I glared at Tim. "You can’t hear it?"

"The music?" he asked. "You could've just said something," he said lazily as he snapped his fingers and the music stopped.

"What do you want?" I asked as I turned back into my room and yanked open the window to let out candle smoke.

"Your mom said you'd been in here for four days straight. I was checking on you," he explained as he stood in the doorway. "Permission to enter?" he asked, knowing my particulars about personal space.

I shook my head. "Not yet. Too much magic for a non-McCartney to handle."

He sighed and tested the air with his hand, then quickly drew it back as his skin sparked against the air. "What exactly were you doing?"

"Fixing something so I can start school when you do," I replied as I turned back around.

"Fixing what?"

I pointed over my shoulder. "See anything missing?"

Tim shrugged. "I don't know. Should there be?"

I groaned. "This is why I never ask guys for opinions on anything! My wings are gone, halfwit!"

"'d you do that?" Tim asked.

"A spell where my wings blend in with my skin and give my skin a gold tint. They're still there, just easier to blend in with humans. It’s not permanent,” I added, seeing the look of concern on his face.

            “So why not just start school like you usually do?” Tim asked as he leaned against the doorway.

            “I am not waiting until October to start my freshman year of high school,” I said firmly and blew out another purple candle. “I haven’t started school with everyone else since I was seven. I’m tired of that.”

            Tim laughed. “Most people would kill to be able to start school two months later than everyone else.”

            “But most people that start school later do it because they’re still on vacation or sick or something. Not because they’re not human and have wings from May until September. I want to try and let this be my one normal school year.”

            “You are as far from normal as you can get, Serea,” Tim scoffed. “Your dad’s a sylph and white wizard, and your mom’s a landwalker, psychic, and shape-shifter. You’re special even in our world.”

            “That doesn’t mean I can’t try,” I reminded him as the last of the magic smoke filtered out into the air. “And besides, at least I can control myself.”

            I didn’t need to see his face to know that he’d rolled his eyes. I continued to ignore him and used zauberei to clean the wax off my desk and put the candles and silk back in the black and gold chest by my bed.

            “What’s with you and all the purple?” Tim asked, finally breaking the silence.

            “You’ve known me for years, and you’re finally asking me that?” I asked as the last of the wax disappeared. I wiped my hand on my green sweats and faced him.

            He shrugged.

            “It’s the color best for psychics. The shade is so dark and full of zauberei that it amplifies everything and makes any vision or spell or whatever stronger,” I explained as I shook my long copper hair out of the bun it’d been in for the past four days.

            “But you’re also part of a bunch of different things. What about those strong colors?” he asked.

            I snapped my fingers and the walls instantly changed from purple to gold, shape-shifter power color. “That answer your question?” I asked.

            “Yes,” he replied, satisfied. “So now that you’re out of your room, your mom said something about how she wants you to get out of the house and see this thing called sunlight, but I’m not too sure what she’s talking about though,” he said with a grin.

            I rolled my eyes. “I need to get more school clothes,” I stated. “And I need someone to help me make sure I actually get what I need and not stuff I’ll use for something else.”

            “I’m not standing in the mall for hours while you try on clothes,” Tim said quickly. “Not a chance. At all. Ever!”

            I smiled. “Fine. Then I’ll go by myself and waste tons and tons of money on clothes that I won’t wear, and I’ll have to explain to Nai how her master plan didn’t work.”

Tim sighed. “Well you can tell your “Nai” that…why do you call your mom that anyway?”

            “Nai?” I asked. “Because it’s Gaelic, and her mom was one of the Scotland Oracles,” I answered, referring to a small, and mostly unheard of, group that foretold all the wars that would happen in Europe, which no one believed.

            Tim nodded and absentmindedly stroked his beard. Because of a mishap with magic, it’s cut to look like flames dancing across his chin, a fact emphasized by his red hair. He claims he hates it, but he really likes it because he enjoys the attention it gets him from the girls at school.

            “So are we going shopping or not?” I asked, pulling him out of his thoughts.

            “Why don’t you ask Gracie-Beth or Katelyn or Amber? You’d have more fun with them. And like I said, I’m not wasting my day shopping with you.”

            I rolled my eyes again and pushed him back into the hallway. “Fine. Then go and do whatever egotistical magicians like you do on days when they’re done annoying their best friends.”

            He grinned. “It’s not egotistical if it’s true. You will one day bow before the mighty power that is Tim Strawn, Wizard Extraordinaire!”

            I shook my head as he snapped his fingers again and vanished. The psychic sixth sense told me that I was once again the only one in the house. This was my favorite time to be home, when I was alone. While my parents are both powerful in their own right, I’m a combination of both of them, and the magic that’s stuck in our bloodlines, meaning I’m the most powerful being in our household. It’s a fact we keep secret because I have no interest in playing the martyr part that the human government would put me in.

            Contrary to popular belief, our kind actually works with humans, but only the high and mighty of those knows what we really are. And if it were discovered about how powerful I really am, then wars between every country on the planet would happen. Wars that make World War I and II look like water balloon fights.

            Nai’s advice to get some air runs through my head again as I look out the window. I’d either spend too much or not enough money if I went shopping by myself at the mall, so instead I grab my laptop and head out to the bower to accomplish everything Nai asked me to today: get some air and some clothes.

The End

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