Story of my Life

A story of a miserable child's life and everything he goes through.

Life isn't exactly great. School is fun and all. Afterall, who can resist snacktime? Yes, those were the good old days. Now, I'm in fourth grade. We don't get snacktime anymore. I don't get anything anymore. Fourth grade, the turning point of my life.

Several people go through the downhill of their lives at different times. Some go through it earlier than others and vice versa. The turning point is important in any person's life because it reveals that life isn't always as good as it seems to be. It shows the bad parts are yet to come.

My teacher is Ms. T. She is a big black lady. In a way, she's almost like a female black Santa. She always seem to have on this big red coat. Fourth grade, how could a time so wonderful turn into a time to dreadful?

The beginning of fourth grade is in the year of 2004. I became close with two friends. We are the trio that always hang out with each other. We were good friends and we would always get yelled at for talking too much in class. Michael and Momo, that is their names. My best friends since the first day.

It is the first day of school and we all lined up outside in the schoolyard. We received our class numbers before summer vacation. Summer vacation went by fast. I looked around at the classmates that have already arrived and were chatting with each other. I like to make friends. I spotted a polish boy, Michael. He sure seemed peppy. We became friends rather strangely. I started up a conversation with this nine year old. We talked for a while until Ms. T, our teacher came out to gather us into two straight lines. 

I turned to Michael with my hand out  and said, "Friends?".

He replied my handshake and said, "Sure.".

That was how it started. That is how all friendships start. It all starts from a simple conversation. It all starts from pure luck.

The End

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