A Clouded Mind

     I turned to survey the room, my stomach a twisting mass of nerves. Before me stood a table, it's wood carved and adorned in grandeur. On it, objects were cast and arranged. 

    "Well?" an anxious voice inquired. "Which is it?"

    I flinched at the question, unsure. Was I to pick the brass telescope or the ancient mirror? The map or the sword? In this matter my vision was clouded, my senses muddled. I was unused to this uncertainty, unused to not knowing. I lifted my head to stare up at the woman who paced the room. She was a tall creature, all grace and elegance. But now I could see that she fretted. Her hands were stiff in the folds of her silken dress and she had kicked off her heels so as to move around the room with increased ease. 

     "You don't know, do you?" she asked me, stopping her restless feet and meeting my eyes. "For once, you do not know."

     I could only nod. "Yes, Majesty," I told her. I bowed my head. "For once I do not know."

     The woman sighed heavily. "This is the time I feared," she said. "When my own seer cannot direct me. Can you see nothing?" 

     I raised my head, closing my eyes as I searched for the answer. But my mind was filled with a cloud. "I can see nothing," I told her. "My vision is fogged."

The queen in front of me collapsed to sit upon a spindly chair, burying her head on worn arms. I hated to see her in such a state. Walking forward, towards the table, I put my hand out to feel the objects.

     "No answer reveals itself," I murmured. "Not in far sight, nor in near sight. Not in searching or fighting." As I said each option I ran a hand across the object that corresponded.  "There are too many factors," I explained. "Far too many."

     The queen made no reply or movement. She appeared to be thinking, buried deep within herself. Her time had come. To act without a seer's help, to choose without anything but her own instincts to drive her forward. I stood uneasily in her study, my mind whirring as I myself calculated the options. But no answer came. I was straining the wrong muscles, trying to see with inner eyes rather than with thought. I sighed. It was useless. I was living in a cloud. 

The End

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