Let's call her Vivi

The girl got home at the usual time. (4:05 +/- 3 minutes, in case you were wondering.) Of course, once she got there, her father got busy scolding her for the damage to the next town over. This was normal, so she didn't let it bother her, really. She was just anxious to get a snack. 

"Why can't you just hit them to Jupiter, like usual?" the girl's father was saying.

"The other kids don't..." the girl told her dad. 

For simplicity and because I am tired of saying dad and father already, I will call this person Frank. Because, quite FRANKly, he is a douche. No matter what the little girl did, it was always wrong or not good enough. This was usual, so it didn't bother her too much, but it was still totally a dick move. 


"I don't care what the other kids do!" Frank snapped, "Just do better next time." And then he left for work. He had an odd job that the little girl wasn't sure existed. I am not even sure it's real and I write this story. Seriously odd... 

Also, we are calling the little girl 'Vivi' to keep down the redundancy. Deal with it.

Vivi went to her room upstairs and put her backpack on the floor beside the door, then headed to her desk and switched on her computer. She often spent a little time talking and making puns with her friends online. They lived far away, but that was still normal. (Though one of them was an awesome lion-man from America!) It usually made the time pass by, but eventually five o' clock rolled around and the girl had to study.

That, of course, would have to wait. 

As usual, another green dragon appeared outside her house. This one dwarfed the previous one by a large degree. Also, it had more spikes. This, my readers, was a parent of the other one. You see, these monsters weren't mindless. In fact, they were quite the vengeful things. If the little girl killed one, one or two more appeared for revenge. So normal, right?

So, Vivi ran outside, punched the dragon in the stomach, and headed to the restroom to wash the blood off before getting back to studying. At least this time she should have sent it to Jupiter, like her dad wanted. Ya know, cause he's a reasonable parent and all.

And that ended the day of our Vivi. Pretty normal, huh?

What? Dragons? They are normal! I swear! Don't know where you guys are living, but this girl is totally normal... Wait... You're saying dragon's don't exist? Pffff. Funny. Anyway, next page will be about a field trip to the beach. You're welcome to read along, but I guarantee it will be normal.

The End

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