Such a Normal Life

Dedicated to a friend. Let's hope it brings out at least a little laugh.

This is the story of a normal little girl. Nothing too special, nothing bad either. Just a normal little girl..... Well, not THAT little... Like, tall enough to reach the third shelf and stuff. Maybe... five and a half feet or something. Yeah, that sounds right. Wait... I got off the subject.

Anyway, normal sorta-little girl in a normal life. Regular family with regular issues, school with regular friends, regular monsters with regular battles, and even a fondness for cookies and other sweets. Nothing major, but I don't plan on telling a boring story, so just be patient.

One day, the girl was walking home from school. (For legal reasons, I cannot use the girl's name) She had had a normal day, as usual, and a normal amount of stress. And I get the redundancy of the normal setup, but it's necessary.

"Boy, today sure is especially normal," said the normal girl. Along the road drove the kids in higher grades and parents picking up their kids. Since the girl lived so close, it was normal to walk home. Just normal. 

Well, today was going to be especially normal.

As the girl walked, she noticed a sound across the road. What ever could it be? It started as a rumble, then grew into a roar. Well, today WAS normal for the girl. 

It only took a moment for the green head of a dragon to appear from the woods across the road. Cars swerved to avoid the gigantic monster and crashed into each other. Well, they didn't look like they had died, so it was normal. 

"A dragon, huh?" said the girl as she put her backpack down and pulled out a pair of gloves. If she got bruises on her hands again, it would be odd, and this girl was normal in every way. She couldn't just start being odd. It wasn't normal. 

Well, the dragon reared it's massive green head, showing the spikes that trailed down it's underside and strong muscular forearms. So normal. In an instant, the dragon struck forward at the girl in an attempt to snatch her up. Well, things were normal, so the girl dodged to the right and punched the dragon in the face.

And that's how the normal girl's day at school ended. Like any other normal day, the next town over found a dead dragon in their mall parking lot and give a call to the girl's father. He would scold her for destroying property, but that was normal. She didn't care. 

In truth, the girl wanted something odd to be forced upon her. She wanted the normal cycle broken and give way to oddities. She was simply unwilling to step into the oddities herself. 

And thus ends the first entrance into the normal little girl's life.

The End

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