the Destination

Quite discouraged, the man from LA

At Central Park in a slump lay.

Where oh where would he find

The marvelous soup, one of its kind?


Suddenly he heard a man,

"Hot dogs, hot dogs!" was his chant.

"Hot from the grill! Only costs a dime!"

(This story was set long before our time).

Well, by now hunger was taking its toll

He wouldn't mind a cheap wiener in a roll.

So he bought one, and swallowed it whole.


Well, on the frankfurter he began to choke.

The frightened vendor, a Russian bloke,

Took a can of soup, meant for his lunch

Poured it down the man's throat, on a hunch.


When the man was able to speak

He cried, "I've found what I seek!

This borsch is quite beyond compare

Smooth as satin, light as air!

My dear man, you shall be rich!"

He said the vendor, Enrich.

"I'll set you up for business, right away!

You can open a nice little cafe!

Forget hot dogs, sell sandwiches and soup

And before long you'll be driving a Coup!"

The End

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