Story interduction: Play, play, play, kiss, kiss, kiss, cry, cry, c-die.Mature

The beginning.

Play, play, play, kiss, kiss, kiss, cry, cry, c-die.

Have you ever thought about suicide?

Lots of people do, you could almost consider it a new trend in all its usefulness; like some brand of new drug. Well, new wouldn't be the word, it's been in our society for millions of years, but until recently haven't excetly been brought up as a high light in the news or in our homes.

To put it simply; it is not looked highly upon in these times.
Which wouldn't be a surprise.

It could maybe even appear as club, like, you know, a suicide club.

I've seen that movie, but truthfully, thats just some bitchy shit. In reality, they have no idea what a real suisde club is like; what it breaths off of, what it feeds off.

The End

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