Wonderland 1

I open my eyes to see a purple ceiling with a white fan right in the middle of it. I slowly sit up and I can feel each one of my muscles protest. Looking around I notice that two walls are yellow and the other two are pink and the furniture is white.

"Nice to see that you'rrrre awake." a silky voice remarked

I look behind me to see a medium sized cat with purple fur, pink stripes, a very bushy tail and a smile that split its face in half sitting on an armchair.

"You're a cat." I said.

"Obviously. Now what arrrre you? You look human but things arrrn't always as they seem, arrre they?"

"Yes, and I am a human."

"Thought so." The cat jumps off the armchair and walks up to me.

"If I might ask, where am I?" I turn to face the cat face to face.

"Wonderland, of course. And you may call me, Chess."

I nod and stand up,  stretching my muscles.

"Where are you going to do now? After all, there is no way out of here."

"There has to be away out of here. Why make a room if you can't get in or out of it?"

"Why indeed would they."

I walk over to a wall where I think there should be a door and I run my hands over the wall thinking, where are you door, where can you be? Because I know you are here. Somewhere here. 

I run my hands over the wall for a few minutes, going on every inch of the wall. 

"You might as well give up." Chess remarks. "Because it's obvious that the door isn't there."

"There has to be!" I scream. 


A door opens that is five feet wide.

"Welcome to Wonderland."

The End

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