Angel in the Storm

I new that by spreading my wings and flying I was likely to be caught. And being caught meant that I could be taken to a lab and become a lab rat.

I don't care. I've locked my wings behind my back for to long. I need to let them be free.

"Jenna, don't." Avril said. He knew what I was about to do.

I fell right off the cliff, plunging head first to the rocks and waves below. Then three fourths of the way down my wings snap open and in one powerful thrust send me rushing right up to the sky. 

The wind is trying to rip me to shreds as I clime higher into the clouds that are turning a dark, foreboding gray. Soon all I see are the clouds around me with lightning illuminating the sky for a heart beat and thunder so loud and rumbling so hard that it must be shaking the heavens. And the rain, like small bullets trying to penetrate with it's coldness and send me down to it with each drop.

A flash of white pass by me and I know that it's Avril up here as well. He never could pass up a chance to fly through a storm. No matter how bad it may seem.

Bet I can find a patch of clear sky before you. I sent a mind message to Avril.

I'll find it before you start looking. He reply's.

I pull my wings in close and shoot across the gray cover sky, trying to beat Avril at this race. 

We both find the same blue patch and we race to it, accelerate ever so quickly that it makes the sky blur. When we crash into each other it feels like the thunder had punched me.

The End

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